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No Pos Wow: Trump And Peña Nieto Back Together, New Parrot Discovered In Mexico, And More

In today’s world, the news happens so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest, breaking developments. Here are five quick headlines to keep you up on the stories that might have gotten lost in the shuffle this week.

He told his wife he was going to get cigarettes and ended up at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

Whenever someone says they’re “going out for cigarettes,” you know they’re about to do some shady shit. This past week, El Tri fan Arturo Garcia flew from his home in Puebla, Mexico to Kazan, Russia, after telling his wife he was just going out to get a pack of lung darts. Garcia not only ended up blowing his life savings during the trip, he also injured his achilles tendon. Oh, and Mexico lost to Germany in a one-sided semifinal matchup. “I told my woman, I’m going to get some cigarettes at the Oxxo, but I didn’t tell her which one,” Garcia told La República. Nice try, Garcia.

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“Red-faced” parrot species discovered in Mexico.

It takes a lot to excite ornithologists, but the recent discovery of Mexico’s red-faced parrot is definitely a reason for them to get buck. Along with its red face, the bird, which was discovered by Miguel Gómez Garza in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, has blue tipped wings and a distinct call, which distinguish it from other birds. The bird also mimics the sound of a hawk, which scientists speculate is to scare off other birds from potential sources of food.

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YouTube steps up its Originals lineup with the help of Naya Rivera.

YouTube Red just added Naya Rivera and Faizon Love to star in their upcoming reboot of “Step Up” titled, “Step Up: High Water.” The show, which is slated for a 10-episode run, sees Rivera playing a former dancer, Collette, who now works as an administrator at Atlanta’s High Water Performing Arts School. Collette apparently has a secretive past and a love interest, Sage, who is played by recording artist Ne-Yo. The show is expected to step up to YouTube Red this fall.

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Will Ferrell spills the tea on Mariah Carey’s diva behavior. Mariah tweets about it.

Divas are beautiful, powerful, and majestic. They’re also apparently headaches to work with, according to Will Ferrell, who recently took a seat on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” During the show, Ferrell discussed how, during the filming of “The House,” Mariah Carey showed up four hours late to shoot her cameo. When she finally arrived, Carey squashed the song she’d planned on singing, which then created, as Ferrell describes it, “a shit storm.” Carey’s diva-ness reached a breaking point, and her role was ultimately scrapped from the movie. No publicity is bad publicity, however, Carey’s personal Twitter account retweeted the story for all her lambies to see.

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President Trump will meet with Mexican President for the first time since the “incident.”

Cristhian Herrera Robledo / GAGE SKIDMORE / FLICKR

President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto haven’t had the best relationship. Not one to shy away from a public confrontation, President Trump has repeatedly demanded that Mexico pay for his proposed border wall, and in a phone conversation, Trump reportedly said, “I don’t need the Mexicans. I don’t need Mexico.” Well, now, Trump and Peña Nieto will cross paths at the G20 summit in Germany next week, their first meeting since last September’s interesting press conference. Will they make up and be friendly? Will they wear the same thing? Will Peña Nieto go Vicente Fox on Trump? We’ll find out soon.

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Trump Labels Cuba A State Sponsor Of Terrorism As His Own Supporters Face Similar Allegations

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Trump Labels Cuba A State Sponsor Of Terrorism As His Own Supporters Face Similar Allegations

Yander Zamora/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In a move that is sure to complicate things for the incoming Biden administration, Trump has moved to put Cuba back on the list of nations that allegedly sponsor terrorism.

Obama had taken Cuba off of that list in 2015 and with four years to Cuba back on the list, many agree that Trump has simply put Cuba back on the list to make life difficult for President Biden.

The Trump administration has put Cuba back on the list of countries that “sponsor terrorism.”

With just days left in office, Trump has moved to label Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism” in a last-minute move that is sure to complicate things for the incoming Biden administration.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo justified the controversial move which reverses Barack Obama’s 2015 decision to remove Cuba from the list after more than three decades – by accusing Havana of “repeatedly providing support for acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbour to terrorists”.

Pompeo also alleged Cuba was engaging “in a range of malign behavior across the region”, highlighting its support for Venezuela’s authoritarian leader Nicolás Maduro who Trump has unsuccessfully tried to overthrow.

The controversial step places Cuba alongside Iran, North Korea and Syria as state sponsors of terror.

However, most officials agree that Trump’s claims about Cuba are bogus.

Many international observers – including U.S. allies – aren’t impressed by the administration’s claims that Cuba is sponsoring terrorism.

In an interview with The Guardian, Christopher Sabatini, a senior fellow for Latin America at Chatham House, said “These are trumped up charges. Terrorism as an international definition is committing acts of violence against unarmed civilians intended to frighten the population. Cuba doesn’t do that. Yes, it represses its own people – but so does Saudi Arabia.”

Groups that favor greater U.S. engagement with Cuba criticized the announcement.

“There is no compelling, factual basis to merit the designation,” according to Ric Herrero, executive director of the Cuba Study Group, a Washington DC-based organization that supports engagement with the island. “Instead it appears to be another shameless, last-ditch effort to hamstring the foreign policy of the incoming Biden administration and set the stage for the next election in Florida, all at the expense of the Cuban people and relations between our countries.”

Many observers agree that Trump’s move is simply a gift to party hardliners in Florida, and likely a deliberate attempt to make life difficult for the incoming Biden administration who may wish to end deténte with Cuba.

Of course, Cuban officials reacted angrily to the announcement.

After the announcement, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted: “We condemn the US announced hypocritical and cynical designation of #Cuba as a State sponsoring terrorism. The US political opportunism is recognized by those who are honestly concerned about the scourge of terrorism and its victims.”

Reversing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s action would require the Biden administration to certify to Congress that there has been a fundamental change in leadership in Cuba and that the government is not supporting acts of international terrorism, has not for the previous six months and will not do so in the future.

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Someone Mutilated A Manatee With The Name ‘Trump’— Now There’s A Federal Investigation

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Someone Mutilated A Manatee With The Name ‘Trump’— Now There’s A Federal Investigation

Michael Wood/Stocktrek Images

Just when we thought Trump supporters couldn’t disgust us more, one disfigured a manatee by etching “Trump” into its back.

Sadly, over the weekend, a manatee was found in Florida’s Homosassa River with the name “Trump” scratched into its back. The discovery has prompted federal officials to open an investigation into the disfigurement of the threatened species.

A mutilated manatee was found over the weekend with the name Trump scratched into its back.

According to a report published by the Citrus County Chronicle, it is unclear when and how the manatee was mutilated. It is also unknown whether the current investigation has made any leads in regards to the perpetrators. Still, footage of the abused animal has sparked outrage online.

Douglas Nowacek, a professor of Conservation Technology at Duke University told Vice that the incident is “one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen done to a wild animal.” In a separate email, Ruth Carmichael, a Senior Marine Scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and a Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of South Alabama described the act a “horrific” to VICE saying “I have no words to express how deeply troubling, thoughtless, and potentially cruel this is.” 

Marine biologists say that it is unclear just how much harm the mammal endured.

“It’s a little hard to see the extent of damage from the video,” Carmichael explained. “It is harassment regardless. If the scrape penetrates the skin, then it likely caused some pain and stress. The animals have nerves and sensory hairs in the skin. Additionally, open wounds could become infected.” 

According to Graham Worthy, Department Chair and Pegasus Professor at the University of Central Florida who spoke to VICE the letters could mostly be shallow, and may mostly be algae scraped off the animal’s back making“ injury would be virtually non-existent.”

Still, physically hurt or not, the manatee in question was clearly harassed by a person. As such the perpetrator could face severe penalties if found. 

“Violations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act may result in fines of up to $100,000 and one year’s imprisonment for individuals and up to $200,000 for organizations,” Worthy told Vice. “It is illegal to approach and make contact with these animals let alone deface or injure them. It is illegal to feed or harass wild marine mammals including dolphins, porpoises, whales, seals, sea lions, and manatees. You are not allowed to feed, swim with, or harass these marine animals… They should be observed from a distance of at least 50 yards.”

The mutilated manatee is a West Indian manatee and is a herbivorous mammal found in coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Up until 2017, the species was considered endangered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Today, conservation status is listed as “threatened.”  

As many users of social media have noted, perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of the images that humans already cause so much pain and suffering to innocent animals. When does it stop?

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