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No Pos Wow: A Dolphin Is Running For President In Chile, ‘Despacito’ Snubbed By MTV, And More

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In today’s world, the news happens so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest, breaking developments. Here are five quick headlines to keep you updated on the stories that might have gotten lost in the shuffle this week.

A teenager in Uruguay who taught himself to code discovered a security issue with Google, so they paid him $10,000.

According to ABC News, Ezequiel Pereira, of Montevideo, Uruguay, discovered a vulnerability with Google’s AppEngine while on winter break from school. The self-taught coder was bored, so he decided to do a trial and error on the site to see what he could find. Pereira, according to ABC News, discovered a security bug that allowed people to get into the dashboard of Google’s tech support team without being authenticated.

“We had seen something similar before and we fixed it but he found a part that hadn’t fixed it correctly,” Eduardo Vela, Google’s Vulnerability Rewards Program Technical Lead, told ABC News. “He was looking in the right place at the right time.”

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Greenpeace has a candidate in the campaign trail for president in Chile: Delfín Chileno.

Sustainable Brands reports that Delfín Chileno announced its candidacy in August to bring attention to the environmental issues that are impacting the country. According to Sustainable Brands, Chile is the second-largest exporter of salmon. The booming salmon business has brought salmon farming to the Patagonia Seas and they are looking to expand operations. However, last year, an algal bloom killed almost 23 million fish in the region. Greenpeace claims the algal bloom was due to the practices of companies farming the fish. However, some scientists are contributing the bloom to rising ocean temperature.

“It seems that neither the political world nor the government is aware of the seriousness of the environmental threat Chile is facing today. We are among the 10 [countries most affected by] climate change and it seems that no candidate cares. We want the environmental issue to be taken seriously and become a priority,” Delfín Chileno told Sustainable Brands.

More: In Chile, a Dolphin Is Running for President to Highlight Need for Strong Climate Leadership

Mexican authorities rounded up thousands of gallons of tainted alcohol in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen that has reportedly led to black outs among tourists.

Mexican authorities had to seize 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol after tourists reported blacking out after ingesting small amounts of alcohol at bars and restaurants in the popular resort towns. According to TIME Magazine, the illegal alcohol was being made and distributed by a company that has bad manufacturing practices. The alcohol in question has been linked to a series of unfortunate events that have impacted tourists to the towns. In one incident, 20-year-old Abbey Conner of Wisconsin was found face down in the resort pool after having some of the tainted liquor. She was declared brain dead when she was flown to Florida.

More: 10,000 Gallons of Tainted Alcohol Were Seized From Mexican Resorts

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’ was snubbed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“Despacito” has broken the record for the most streamed song of all time and it seems like it is playing at just about every bar and club. Yet, despite its obvious popularity, “Despactio” was snubbed by the MTV VMAs. Universal Music Latin Entertainment, the record label behind the hit, isn’t staying quiet, according to Associated Press. AP reports that “Despacito has been given air time on MTV Tres but has not been given any air time on MTV or MTV2. UMLE claims that MTV asked for them to submit the song for consideration one week after the nominations were already named. It will, however, be recognized as MTV’s Song of Summer.

“UMLE is surprised and happy to learn that MTV plans to recognize ‘Despacito’ in the VMA’s ‘Song of Summer’ category,” a spokesperson for UMLE told AP. “We hope the nomination will lead to MTV airing the full video on their main channels.”

More: Luis Fonsi And Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” Isn’t Nominated For An MTV VMA

Selena Gomez did a news anchor parody video to promote her Coach line.

In one oddly bizarre and fascinating ad, Selena Gomez and Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers play news anchors from the COACH design room. The singer has recently launched a line of bags with the apparel store and the news show parody is one of the ways they are marketing her creation. Gomez and Vevers give it their all with the pretend laughs, playful banter, and traffic reports. Oh. The weather woman is a space dinosaur named Theresa.

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11 Spanish-Language Songs You Grew Up On That Were Originally English-Language Hits

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11 Spanish-Language Songs You Grew Up On That Were Originally English-Language Hits

If you grew up listening to music en Español, or at the very least, your mom blasted her favorite music while cleaning over the weekend, you’ve probably got a nice little playlist of old classics stuck in your head. Whenever you hear them, they remind you of doing chores, going to family parties and other moments from your upbringing. Some of those songs are so ingrained in your mind that you’d be shocked to learn that they’re actually covers or remakes of an old English-language song. If you’re a music geek, these won’t be much of a surprise, but for some of you out there, you’ll never listen to these songs the same way again.

1. “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” by Luis Miguel is a remake of…

Credit: Warner Music Group / YouTube

… Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want To Be With You.”

Credit: catman916 / YouTube

2. La India’s “Sobre El Fuego” is a cover of…

Credit: Linda Caballero / YouTube

“Through the Fire” by Chaka Kahn.

Credit: hitmanhuey / YouTube

Yep, the same song Kanye West sampled for “Through the Wire.”

Chayanne’s “Provocame” is a remake of…

Credit: ChayanneVEVO / YouTube

… “Nobody Else” by Dutch singer Rene Froger.

Credit: Ineke Feenstra / YouTube

4. Selena’s “Fotos y Recuerdos” is a remake of…

Credit: Moonlightgod / YouTube

… “Back On The Chain Gang” by The Pretenders.

Credit: DiscoBar80s / YouTube

5. Ricky Martin’s “Que Dia Es Hoy” is a remake of…

Credit: Arliny Rochete / YouTube

… “Self Control” by Laura Branigan.

Credit: buenavida33 / YouTube

But wait — Branigan’s version isn’t the original. It’s a cover of “Self Control” by Italian singer RAF.

6. Here’s an easy one: Caballo Dorado’s “No Rompas Más” is a cover of…

Credit: EdgarAlexisM / YouTube

… “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Credit: BillyRayCyrusVEVO / YouTube

7. Rogelio Martinez’s “Y Sigues Siendo Tu” is a cover of…

Credit: AnthonyWong / YouTube

… “Still The One I Love” by Shania Twain.

Credit: ShaniaTwainVEVO / YouTube

8. Yuri Buenaventura’s “Tu Cancion” is a cover of…

Credit: Grace Medina / YouTube

… “Your Song” by Elton John.

Credit: Nina Santiago / YouTube

9. Brazeros Musical’s “La Razón” is a cover of…

Credit: Duranguensefermusica / YouTube

… “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

Credit: HoobastankVEVO / YouTube

10. Prince Royce’s “Stand By Me” is a cover of…

Credit: Top Stop Music / YouTube

… “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King.

Credit: BlackAsWhite1 / YouTube

If you don’t know this one, you should be ashamed of yourself.

11. Mikel Erentxun’s “Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagara” is a cover of…

Credit: Mikel Erentxun / YouTube

… “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths.

Credit: The Smiths – Topic / YouTube

Crazy, right?

CREDIT: Credit: The Wire / HBO

Do you have a favorite song that isn’t listed? Tell us in the comments below.

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