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Jamaica Beats Mexico At The Last Minute And Of Course There Were Memes

Mexico and Jamaica faced off in the semifinals of this year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup, with Mexico as the favorites, despite fielding a team composed of players from Liga MX (and one from Major League Soccer). A victory from Mexico would have resulted in a championship match versus their bitter rival, the United States, who defeated Costa Rica in the other semifinal.

But the “Reggae Boyz” had other plans. Goalkeeper Andre Blake made several keys saves to keep Jamaica in the match:

Blake had people slack-jawed.

Then, with less than 10 minutes left in the match, Kemar Lawrence  of Jamaica scored this beautiful free kick goal:

Mexico was unable to mount a last-minute comeback, and Jamaica made history:

Mexico fans were left in shock:

While others celebrated the upset by Jamaica:

Mexico’s infamous chant was reworked:

So was the iconic song “El Rey”:

Credit: Twitter

If you were on Twitter and Insta when Mexico lost to Chile 0-7, some of these may look very familiar.

Others wondered why Mexican goalkeeper J.J. Corona didn’t make more of an effort to stop the shot:

Would things have turned out different?

CREDIT: @chochos / Twitter

At the end of the match, Mexico just couldn’t keep up.


And Mexico couldn’t win, despite being the favorite.

This user speculated what would happen in the aftermath of the match:

After a rough night, this fan managed to find a silver lining the following day:

That’s one way to treat the pain.

This Billboard Was Pulled For Its Tone Deaf "Hispanics" Slogan

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This Billboard Was Pulled For Its Tone Deaf “Hispanics” Slogan


A billboard in Yakima, Washington, is drawing criticism for its attempt to appeal to “Hispanics.”

The billboard, featuring the smiling faces of several “Hispanics,” claims: “We don’t need pot to have fun. We’re Hispanics… We’re cool by default.” ?

According to the AP, the billboard was the brainchild of 60 middle and high school-aged students in the Yakima area — it’s not clear if Latino students were involved — who were part of a campaign to help keep those cool *ahem* Hispanics from falling into the uncool clutches of marijuana.

The billboard was part of the anti-drug campaign #listen2yourselfie.

Several people took to Twitter to criticize the billboard for being super tone deaf.

So, if you’re not Hispanic, does that mean you’re not cool? Do young people still say “pot”? Would a group of young Latinos even say something like, “We’re Hispanics”? The billboard might have done well to avoid generalizing an entire ethnicity for the sake of a public service message.

For many people, the word “Hispanic” (a word created by the government in the 1980s) is a too loaded.

At the very least, the word excludes those who are, or identify as, Latino. Let’s be honest, the issue of Hispanic vs Latino requires a very nuanced and thoughtful conversation, which is well beyond the scope of any billboard. Unless the billboard was written in type 10 font, and maybe not even then.

And the billboard also uses the word “cool,” which is about as cringe-inducing as when parents try to be hip while giving the sex talk.

Oprah Winfrey Show / E News

When used in that way, the word “cool” is so uncool it sounds like it was also invented by the government.

The Washington Health department has since removed the billboard, the Yakima Herald reported.

It’s hard to determine whether the billboard was offensive, lame, or so lame that it was offensive, or so offensive that it was lame.

So here’s the question everyone wants an answer to…

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