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This Mexican Brewery Is Selling Out Of It’s Newly Created Trump Beer

Casa Cervecera Cru Cru, a Mexico City-based brewery, recently launched Amigous Cerveza, a beer that features a depressed-looking Donald Trump in a mariachi outfit.

The spelling of “amigos” may throw you off a bit — like, how can a Mexican company spell “amigos” wrong —  but it’s intentional. Their “amigous” spelling is meant to make fun of how Americans pronounce the Spanish word.

Look closely, and you’ll see a Nazi swastika on his belt:

Credit: crucrumx / Facebook

Definitely not subtle.

The label also says that Trump belongs “in a mad house, not the White House.”

¡Amigous! 😆 Van quer nouvedads esta semana?¿Reconocen a este bufón en la etiqueta? 🤡 Amigous es el resultado de la…

Publicado por Cerveza en Punto en Jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

“We knew that a Trump label was going to be controversial, but it’s been selling extremely fast,” Luis Enrique de la Reguera, chief executive of brewery Casa Cervecera Cru Cru, told Reuters.

And he’s not joking. According to Grub Street, they sold out of their 1,200 bottles — plus another 400 liters on tap — that went on sale less than a month ago.

Time magazine also reported that because importing Mexican beer to the U.S. isn’t as easy as it sounds, Americans are requesting just empty bottles.

They’re now so popular that the Trump-inspired label is making these bottles a collector’s items.


Casa Cervecera Cru Cru teamed up with Salt Lake City’s Epic Brewing to brew Amigous Cerveza. According to Grub Street “the makers say it’s meant to symbolize harmony — or at least a shared taste in humor and beer — across the border.”

What does it taste like? The beer makers say it’s a New England Indian Pale with a splash of mango.

Credit: NBC News / YouTube


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