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This Crocodile Got Married To A Mexican Mayor Because Of This Old Tradition

In a tradition that dates back to 1789, Mayor Victor Aguilar of San Pedro Huamelula, Oaxaca, Mexico, married a crocodile to ensure the prosperity of the region’s fishermen.


The ceremony, which is only symbolic, as CNN reported, represents the union of two competing indigenous tribes — the Chontales and the Huaves — which once competed for fishing territory, until a prince from the Chontale tribe married a princess from the Huaves tribe. In this annual ceremony, the mayor represents the prince, while the crocodile represents the princess.

For the wedding, the bride wore an elegant, chaste-white dress.


How lovely.

The crocodile, which many called “princess,” was given the name Ema Narváez Muñoz, after the mayor’s actual wife.


No word on whether or not the mayor’s wife was okay with polyamory.

The croc’s mouth was tied shut.


I wonder how she said “I do.”

The mayor made the ceremony official by kissing his new bride.


Say what you want, but there have been more awkward kisses.


And then the newlywed couple danced for everyone to watch.


With those moves, you know they must be dancing to “Despacito.”

Afterward, there was a celebration, and fisherman showed their respect to the centuries-old tradition by casting nets over the couple.


No word on where they will spend their honeymoon.

For more info on this ceremony, check out the following video!


I always cry at weddings. ?

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These Men Decided To Take Their Polyamorous Relationship To The Next Level But It's Not Technically A Marriage

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These Men Decided To Take Their Polyamorous Relationship To The Next Level But It’s Not Technically A Marriage

AFP news agency / YouTube

Three men, Victor Hugo Prada, John Alejandro Rodriguez, and Manuel Jose Bermudez, have entered into a polyamorous family union recognized by the Colombian government, according to The Guardian. The three men, who are in a trieja, or “throuple,” are not married but are joined in what is called a “special patrimonial union.” That hasn’t dampened any of the excitement by the three men as they embark on a lifelong journey of unity and love.

On June 3, a notary officially signed the paperwork to join the three men in a polyamorous union.

“We intend to validate our home, our family, our Constitution and our rights, because we had nothing solid legal to make us a family,” Hugo Prada told Colombian radio station LAFM.

The legal part of their union has been handled but their ceremony is still in the works.

CREDIT: Vikhugo Prada / Facebook

“We want to make what’s intimate, public,” Prada told The Guardian. “We have no reason to hide it. We are just helping people realize that there are different types of love and different types of family.”

“It’s a special union bound by love,” Bermudez told AFP.

CREDIT: Carlos Cardozo / Facebook

“It about the right to die with dignity, and to have legal inheritance rights,” Bermudez told AFP.

You can watch the full AFP news video about the “throuple” below.

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