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Malibu Sanctuary City Sign Draws Strong Reaction From Left And Right

@Jenn_Abrams / Twitter

The city of Malibu, Calif. recently voted to become a sanctuary city. The news of such a wealthy town making that move was met with mixed reactions. While immigration activists saw the message the vote sent, some people were quick to make jokes about Malibu becoming a sanctuary city since it is 92 percent white and one of the richest cities in Los Angeles County. Someone decided to make a statement about Malibu’s new “sanctuary city” status, posting two signs with questionable messages.

This is one of the “prank” signs that appeared in Malibu after it became a sanctuary city.

@Jenn_Abrams / Twitter
CREDIT: @Jenn_Abrams / Twitter

The sign reads:


‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make

Malibu Great!’

(Boyle Heights Not So Much)”

City officials have denounced the signs and had them removed. The intended message — whether to call out Malibu or make a statement against undocumented immigrants — is unclear.

“This was not an official city sign,” Malibu council member Laura Rosenthal told The Los Angeles Times.

@Jenn_Abrams / Twitter
CREDIT: @Jenn_Abrams / Twitter

“To make a derogatory comment about that place is very childish and inappropriate. I’m embarrassed by that,” Peak said. “We have a lot of immigrants who work in Malibu. It’s probably the majority of the employees here.”

Nobody has taken credit for the sign but one right-leaning street artist is hinting at knowing the jokester’s identity.

“Some friends of mine put those up last night,” an artist known as Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter.

Whether the prank was done to make fun of Malibu or demonize undocumented immigrants, it clearly got a reaction from people.

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This Coffee Shop Used A Quote About Mexicans And The Mexican Embassy Got Involved

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This Coffee Shop Used A Quote About Mexicans And The Mexican Embassy Got Involved

@RodrigoArim1 / Twitter / The Hateful Eight / Double Feature Films

A café in Montevideo, Uruguay called Coffee Shop is taking some heat over an outdoor sign which was displayed in front of its door. The sign, which listed several items that were for sale, also featured the phrase “No dogs or Mexicans allowed!” The sign, captured in a photo by Twitter user @RodriguoArim1, has caused an uproar on social media. Some come to the restaurant’s defense and others are just plain offended. The restaurant owner claims it’s just a misunderstanding over a pop culture reference — but that hasn’t stopped the outrage.

A restaurant in Uruguay is facing some serious backlash for a street sign that read “No dogs or Mexicans allowed!”

“Unacceptable: coffee sign reads ‘No dogs or Mexicans allowed.’ This isn’t the USA, this is Pocitos,” @RodrigoArim1 wrote on Twitter referencing the neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay where you can find the restaurant. “American owner. Pure discrimination.”

Some people quickly replied to the tweet, explaining it was most likely a joke since the restaurant sells Mexican food.

“It’s in bad taste but it seems to only be a joke since they sell Mexican food,” @Videofanramon wrote on the Twitter thread.

And some even supported the business and their sense of humor.

“With how much I love Tarantino and the Mexican food, I am going there tomorrow,” @waltnest wrote. “It’s a bad joke but just a joke after all!”

Coffee Shop did make an official statement on their Facebook page calling the outrage nothing more than a “misunderstanding.”

No hay que ser odioso.

El furor que se generó en estos días por el contenido del cartel que tenemos en nuestra vereda,…

Posted by Coffee Shop on Saturday, April 8, 2017

“The furror (sic) over Coffee Shop’s last street sign tag is a big misunderstanding. No one at Coffee Shop has ever discriminated against a single person, ever,” reads the Coffee Post statement. They continued saying, “There has (sic) been many quotes worth knowing and occasionally we’re funny. In this particlar (sic) case, the phrase is taken from Quentin Taratino’s (sic) “The Hateful Eight” set in the mid 19th century. A highly entertaining fiction that is consistent with his other work. I reccomend (sic) that you put it on your list. It may have accidentaly (sic) insulted, but I´d never say a thing like that in earnest.”

Of course, telling people to calm down always goes over well and people decided to share their own humor with Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop / Facebook
CREDIT: Coffee Shop / Facebook

“What great humor jajajaja. Chinga tu madre, look what great humor Mexicans have as well,” one Facebook commenter said.

But those who frequent Coffee Shop stood by the establishment.

Coffee Shop / Facebook
CREDIT: Coffee Shop / Facebook

The sign has gone so viral and offended Mexican nationals in Uruguay to the point that the Mexican Embassy in Uruguay issued the following statement.

En relación al cartel desplegado por el café Coffee Shop, remito a continuación el texto de la nota diplomática enviado…

Posted by Embajada de México en Uruguay on Monday, April 10, 2017

“The Embassy strictly disapproves and rejects the exhibition of a sign on the street that has offended and discriminated against Mexican nationals. In this sentiment, we appeal to the respect and solidarity that has always existed between Mexico and Uruguay and ask the honorable ministry to be the conduit to find out which branch of the Uruguayan government can respond legally to make this mentioned business stop promoting, immediately and definitively, the denigrating attitudes which are contrary to the values and principles of the Uruguayan society.”

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