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Proof That Las Noticias Are Scarier To Latina Moms More Than Anything Else

No matter how many horror films you have your mom watch, not a single monster or ghost will scare her because she knows it’s all fiction. But as soon as you turn on the television and flip to any noticias channel, she freaks the f*ck out. So if you’re looking to spook your mom or abuela this fall, just show them these clips:

Here’s a news clip that warns parents of the immense danger of Halloween candy.


This news channel brought in a nutrition expert, Jaime García, to speak on the danger of Halloween candy consumption. He warns everyone that this candy is destroying the teeth of children and can even cause them to throw up. But is this something we didn’t already know? No. Still, this dramatization will get your mom to freak.

Another Halloween related news clip, is this segment that warns people of the horrific effects of contact lenses, like the ones most people wear on Halloween.


Dr. Jaime Ramos, says the horror associated with contact lenses can last beyond Halloween night. Since these Halloween lenses are not prescribed by a doctor, people who wear them are at risk of cutting their eyes, getting an infection or even worse, completely losing their eyesight. So make sure to *watch out* for these dangerous contact lenses everyone.

To spook your mom even more, here’s a noticias segment that warns you of ‘the plague of clowns.’


This news anchor warns you about clowns who were mysteriously appearing across the United States in 2016 and were standing in the middle of streets, blowing up balloons. IT, is that you?

Even if your mom doesn’t believe in monsters like ‘the grudge’ or ‘Freddy Krueger,’ she’ll immediately believe in this ghost who was shown on Primer Impacto.


This is ‘the ghost of terror’ who was captured walking in the streets of Colombia in the middle of the night. This woman ghost with black hair, and a long dress is said to have made everyone in the neighborhood panic. “Estába en shock imediatamente,” said a man who was interviewed.

Another Primer Impacto ghost that will give your mom shivers, is this one referred to as “El Fantasma Violador.”


This ghost comes from a haunted house in Perú, who was terrorizing a family in the middle of the night. The wife who lived at the house claims to have felt something cold in the middle of the night and the youngest daughter claims to have felt a warm hand grab her in the middle of the night. They had an Espiritista sent to the house, who said she felt two energies: the presence of a ghost who hasn’t moved on, and the presence of a demon who means harm.

The third ghost introduced by “Primer Impacto” that will give your mom nightmares, is this nurse ghost:


This nurse ghost is said to have been walking the hallways of a hospital in Venezuela. They call her “la niña pura” and died over 40 years ago. People say she died of sadness and pain from losing so many of her patients to death.

Even more dangerous than these ghosts, is…THE FIDGET SPINNER.


On this news segment, they warn their audience about “los peligros del spinner.” The news anchor talks about how poorly designed some of these fidget spinners are, which can lead to children breaking them apart and swallowing parts of it.

Another kids toy that Telemundo Noticias warns your mom about, are these toys that connect to the internet.


In this news segment, they warn you about the risk of having toys that connect to the internet. Any toys that have built-in microphones, cameras or voice recognizers can expose the location of your child and put them in danger.

As for older adolescents, it’s “Pokemon Go” that could be life-threatening.


Telemundo noticias warns you about the addiction of “Pokemon Go” and how it’s leading teenagers to fall and injure themselves because they’re too distracted playing on their phones. They even show you images of blood hands and swollen ankles as proof of this danger.

Also related to technology, is this news segment on the risk of text messaging. 


In this segment they report that girls in high school especially, can suffer from an addiction to texting. It can lead to compulsive behavior and will get in the way of their learning in class.

But just in case all of these noticias don’t freak out your mom enough, here’s one last segment about the danger of diet sodas.


So next time your mom sees you drinking some diet soda, chances are she’ll immediately slap it out of your hands.

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Trump’s Children Were Called Anchor Babies By George Lopez And A Lot Of People Got Very Upset


Trump’s Children Were Called Anchor Babies By George Lopez And A Lot Of People Got Very Upset

georgelopez / Instagram

The term “anchor baby” is an offensive term that President Donald Trump used before his political career. The phrase refers to the children of undocumented people U.S. By law, that makes them U.S. citizens. The term, however, is Trump’s way of demonizing the offspring of immigrants. Calling anyone an anchor baby is a moot point because everyone in the United States comes from immigrants except Native Americans, and some Mexicans whose ancestors were born on U.S. soil when the land still belonged to Mexico. But all of this is to say, the majority of U.S. citizens come from immigrants. Never the less, the term was brought up recently due to the impending ICE raids.

After Trump threatened undocumented people in the U.S. with ICE raids last week, comedian George Lopez told them to detain Trump’s “anchor” babies.

“Uh, @icegov ‘if your listening’ you can find these immigrants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – Signed Enrique Empanada the third 😭😭 #vivalaraza #45melapela.”

The post included mariachi music and the Trump family with photoshopped sombreros.

Lopez’s use of “anchor baby” is using Trump’s words against him by suggesting that his ex-wife and current wife, both immigrants, had children in the U.S. making them citizens, which is a birthright.

Lopez is a loud opponent of Trump and his administration since before the election. It began after the then-candidate referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals.”

During his 2017 comedy special, Lopez said if he ever ran into Trump, he would sexually assault him since he said that is what Mexicans do. Lopez also pretended to urinate on Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a plastic water bottle.

So did people like the joke? Hmmm…yes and no.

The joke can be taken different ways depending how you look at it. For some people, it is great to see these words weaponized against the man who is harming the community.

He’s only saying what Trump has been saying for years.

Trump and Lopez have the same logic, which makes the joke very funny. They think that using insults is the way to debate these kinds of issues. Clearly, the Instagram post is catching people’s attention.

Did he go too far?

People didn’t like that he used a picture of the youngest Trump. However, to be fair, Trump has no issue with infants being taken from parents at the southern border and left in detention centers. Those in the detention centers have ended up getting pretty sick lately.

Lopez gained new fans from the joke.

They say some humor is supposed to be offensive. Not to mention that political comedy can get really offensive since people don’t like being challenged.

Oh, come on now. Why are you crying?

Did you think the joke was funny or do you think that Lopez went a step too far.

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SPOILER ALERTS: The Latest Episode Of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ Is Proof It Could Surpass GOT In Cult Status


SPOILER ALERTS: The Latest Episode Of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ Is Proof It Could Surpass GOT In Cult Status


On June 13 2019, HBO premiered “Los Espookys,” it’s Spanish-language horror comedy from the mind of Fred Armisen. Needless to say, we were immediate fans. Between the subtly hilarious script and its impeccable delivery, the series proved from episode one that it’s worth the watch. Don’t even get us started on how much we love the horror elements we’ve seen so far.

The second episode of “Los Espookys” is just as addictive and entertaining as the first. Titled “El Espanto de la Herencia,” the episode is so good, it demands a recap.

Here are some of the most spooky and most hysterical parts of “Los Espookys” episode two.

Last week, we met Renaldo, Úrsula, Tati and Andrés, four friends bonded by their love of horror.


The gang was encouraged by Renaldo’s uncle, Tio Tico, to pursue that passion and turn it into a career. Calling themselves Los Espookys, they were approached by a mysterious woman who wants to use their terrifying talents. With this in mind, it’s time to brainstorm how they’ll approach this next job.

However, before we can check in with Los Espookys, the series introduces us to the US Ambassador.

Horror DNA

Her name is US Ambassador Melanie Gibbons and she’s received an important letter. The letter — which is in Spanish, not coded as she first suspects — informs her that her friend Ignacio Ferracuti has died. However, he’s left his 18.9 billion peso fortune to whoever can survive a night in his haunted mansion.

To borrow Ambassador Gibbons words, “Okay, twist!” She’s been chosen as one of five strangers to compete for his fortune. It’s all very exciting for her.

Similarily, Los Espookys are excited for this upcoming challenge.

Horror DNA

We finally get to see to the official Los Espookys headquarters — which happens to be Renaldo’s garage. While Andrés pushes for avant-garde and challanging tricks, Renaldo wants to stick to the basics. Úrsula just wants confirmation that they’re going to be paid.

Meanwhile, back in LA, Tio Tico is in an unusual situation.

Horror DNA

Following last week’s encounter at a major celebrity party, Tico has been mistaken for an elusive artist. Due to this mix-up, he’s been roped into speaking at an art panel. The whole thing has snowballed and Tio Tico is just along for the ride.

Unfortunately, Andrés is finding it hard to balance his life as Prince of Chocolate and his spooky calling.


Being the heir to a chocolate fortune is hard. As his boyfriend reminds him, Andrés has duties he needs to commit to or else he will be removed as heir. However, the curious man is preoccupied with uncovering the mystery of his birth and his new side gig. What is a Chocolate Prince to do?

Finally, it’s the big night!

Horror DNA

Too bad Renaldo has been ditched by the other members of Los Espookys. Andrés, Úrsula y Tati have all shown up last minute, leaving Renaldo to set up. What’s worse, nobody hired the actors they need so Renaldo has to step in as the creepy butler. Let’s just say, the role is out of his range.

Still, the goal of the haunted house is to get rid of one contestant in particular. The Mysterious Woman announces to Los Espookys that Sr. Ferracuti’s son is a contestant and must not win. However, he seems impossible to shake with the frankly unimpressive scares.

Los Espookys are in a funk and they need some serious rallying.


Andrés is obsessed with the dead ends he keeps getting in his search for his origin. Úrsula is obsessed with getting paid. Tati is obsessed with Snap Chatting her shady internet boyfriend.

Renaldo is about to give up but some unexpectedly good advise from Tati inspires him. After a rallying call from Renaldo, Los Espookys are back. They’re going to pull off the scariest trick they can.

We don’t want to give away the ending, but the episode wraps up with the possibility of more jobs in their future.


Will Tati continue her internet relationship? Will Andrés learn the origins of his birth? What sort of adventure will Los Spookys get into next week? We’ll have to watch to find out.

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