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In My Neighborhood, It’s Fourth Of July Every Month Of The Year

If you grew up or live in a neighborhood like mine — I’m from Inglewood “Up To No Good” California — you know 4th of July fireworks aren’t just a one-weekend thing.

Fireworks go off YEAR-ROUND. Some people get annoyed by it, others are so used to it that they stop noticing it.

K, lemme know if any of this sounds familiar:

Throughout the year, you’ll hear random “booms” on your block. If you’ve got a friend from a different city visiting, they’ll probably react like this:

NBC Los Angeles

And you have to assure them that they are fireworks, not gunshots (although you’re not always completely sure).

Other times, you’ll see random flashes briefly light up the sky.


If you live with a dog, it probably looks like this after someone sets off some fireworks: / Giphy

Things really get lit (sorry, I had to) when these fireworks booths open up.

raybouk / Flickr

And, of course, all the pyros in your neighborhood will stock up with a year’s worth of fireworks.

Bob’s Burgers / Fox

Whenever they get bored, you know those fireworks are coming out.

Then when 4th of July actually hits, here’s what goes down. Once it gets dark, it seems like every driveway on your block looks like this:

megangoodchild / Flickr

Your dog hates everyone in your neighborhood.


If you attempt to drive anywhere while the fireworks are going off, this is what you see:

Good luck seeing anything three feet in front of you.

In your head, the whole scene probably looks something like this:

Batman V Superman / Warner Bros.

It’s so dark and dreary that you feel like you’re in a Zak Snyder movie.

Once it’s all over, this is what your driveway looks like — even if you didn’t set any off:

rynosoft / Flickr

Apparently, every driveway is fair game on the fourth.

And the next day, things go back to “normal,” which can be summed up like this:

sjliew / Flickr and lafe / Flickr

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