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Home Depot’s Ruido Fest Display Pissed Some Attendees Off And Here’s Why

Attendees at this past weekend’s Ruido Fest in Chicago were not pleased with one of the promotional booths that was set up during the weekend of alternative Latino music. The point of ire was a wall that was put up for display by Home Depot. According to Home Depot, they considered it a non-political display about one of Home Depot’s products and a blank canvas for people to decorate as a mural. However, in these politically charged times, several Ruido Fest attendees saw the wall and immediately felt like Home Depot was tone deaf in their approach to marketing at a Latino event.

Here is one of the videos of people reacting to the Home Depot display.

Posted by Vicko Alvarez Vega on Saturday, July 8, 2017

“I was confused by the display at first until I realized people were being asked to participate in tiling a wall,” Vicko Alvarez Vega, the woman who took the video, told mitú. “Then I just thought ‘Wow, really? It’s the Home Depot, and a wall was the best thing you could think of for a Latino festival?'”

Home Depot was the subject of boycott during the 2016 presidential campaign when co-founder and former CEO Bernard Marcus endorsed President Trump. According to Forbes, Marcus left the company in 2002 but his endorsement led to a severe backlash against the home improvement company.

A second video taken by Vicko Alvarez Vega shows festival attendees trying to physically remove the wall.

Posted by Vicko Alvarez Vega on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Alvarez told mitú that one of the Home Depot representatives at the booth attempted to explain that the wall was not meant to be political. Alvarez believes the wall was a bad idea.

“I think the reaction was warranted,” Alvarez told mitú. “The Pilsen neighborhood where Ruido Fest was held recently suffered the loss of a historic mural on a building that is being converted into luxury apartments. Those developers have stated they will have artists from the neighborhood do a new mural but that’s absurd. For me, Home Depot having Latinxs decorate a wall was too similar to gentrifiers asking us to decorate a building we inevitably won’t be able to afford to even live in. The symbolism of Home Depot’s wall hit too hard with the realities of the neighborhood.”

The incident escalated and security had to be called to diffuse the situation, but Alvarez doesn’t think security helped.

Vicko Alvarez Vega / Facebook

“When security was called they became physically aggressive with people who were simply in the crowd,” Alvarez told mitú about the people who waited around to see if Home Depot would dismantle the wall. “That upset us and many of us stepped in to help our friends which made security more aggressive. After everything was said and done, a white security guard had the nerve to mock us. The whole thing was just upsetting.”

We reached out to Home Depot about the incident. Spokesperson Stephen Holmes provided a response:

“We participated in the festival to show our support for the community, so this was an unfortunate misunderstanding. The purpose of the project was to show attendees how easy it is to install tile for things like bathrooms and backsplashes when using a special product we sell. It actually wasn’t intended to be a ‘wall’ at all.”


H/T: Remezcla

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A Fight Broke Out In A Florida Home Depot Parking Lot And You Can See The Coronavirus Spreading

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A Fight Broke Out In A Florida Home Depot Parking Lot And You Can See The Coronavirus Spreading

There is one thing that will always deliver, even during a pandemic: fights. Even while the world is on lockdown and a virus is spreading, people can still find a way to get into a fight. This fight comes to you from a Home Depot in Florida.

A fight broke out at a Home Depot parking lot in Florida.

The fight took place at a Home Depot in Tampa and the fight itself is wild. Four men are in a melee and the more you watch it, the wilder it gets. First, you notice the wildly swinging paint cans. Paint is flying and you are all wondering how in the world the people hit with the paint cans are still standing. Then you realize that the pickup truck is in the splash zone. Next thing you know, one of the men is going after someone with a shovel. Yes. A shovel that you use to dig holes with. It truly is a wild ride and it has left the Internet wanting answers. Most of all, why?

If you come across it with no warning on Twitter, the video is a lot to process.

How did this fight start? Who threw the first punch? What is there to fight over in Home Depot? There are so many questions watching this fight. It can’t be possible that the best way for this fight to go off includes paint flying everywhere.

The guy with the shovel is the sleeper in this fight.

Everything is already so crazy that you aren’t sure what to take in first. Then, out of nowhere, a shovel rises straight into the air and all of your focus goes right to it. The man slams it down hard and it isn’t clear if he hit his intended target.

Some people, while not surprised, are still just done with Florida right now.

Florida has this reputation to always draw attention to itself and never for the right reasons. This fight in the time of Covid-19 is just the latest iteration of the Florida we have come to know. From politics to bizarre moments, Florida is a frontrunner in the race to be the wildest state.

On the other side, there are people who literally cannot wait until something like this comes out of Florida.

Social media is a crazy world. There are things happening on there that you would never believe would actually happen. Yet, social media is there to take the craziness of the world and serve it right up to you on a silver platter.

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They Supported Trump And Now The Government Could Seize Their Property To Build The Wall

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They Supported Trump And Now The Government Could Seize Their Property To Build The Wall

Ten years ago, during the George W. Bush administration, the Loop family was forced to give up rights to part of their land so the government could build a wall along the U.S. and Mexico border. “I was very angry,” D’Ann Loop told CNN. “How can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this? Put up a fence in front of our land and keep us in here?”

After the construction of the wall, the Loop family found themselves on the Mexican side. They were now separated from rest of the United States.


The family dealt with this inconvenience as best they could until one night when a fire ripped through their farm. As a result, many of their animals perished in the flames while the fire department struggled to get past the wall to reach the blaze.

Today, Trump supporters in similar situations are expressing their concern that the government may again seize their land to build the wall.


The word “fight” is common among border-dwelling Trump supporters, who live with the reality that a wall is not the solution. Pat Bell, a Trump supporter, told CNN that she doesn’t believe walls and fences work. Bell lives in Brownsville, Texas, which is just on the opposite side of the U.S.-Mexico border, near Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. If the government had its eyes on her property, Bell says, “I would go to the people that are in charge, and, you hate to say, ‘I would get a lawyer,’ but if it came to that issue, and you had to, you would.”

Many Trump supporting land owners along the border share Bell’s sentiments.

Even if locals resist, the U.S. government can seize land, forcing citizens into legal battles to keep their land.


If a land owner doesn’t want to sell their property, the government can use its power of eminent domain to seize privately owned land for public use. In these instances, citizens have few legal options, and they are often “steamrolled” by the government, Norton Colvin, an attorney from Brownsville, told CNN. Those who do receive money, do not receive “fair compensation.” CNN based its findings on research of over “442 lawsuits” from 2006.

So far no residents have been given notice about their land. But as CNN correspondent Drew Griffin told Anderson Cooper, “If history repeats itself, landowners will be forced to sell their property to the government, lose their land, and not be paid what they think that land is worth.”

[H/T] CNN: President Trump vs. American landowners on the border

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