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This Girl Couldn’t Move Away In Time And Ended Up As A Meme

We’ve all done it: you’re walking around somewhere, minding your business when you inadvertently walk in front of someone posing for a photo. Sometimes you leap back to move out of the way, sometimes you stop to apologize, and once it’s happened enough, you may just ruin the photo, say “Oh well” and keep it moving.

They can just take another photo, right? Unfortunately for one girl in Tepoztlan, Mexico her attempt at evading a camera resulted in the creation of a meme.

Apparently, these two pals were posing for a photo when the young lady in yellow walked in front of camera. Although she tried to move out of the way, she was captured in one of the photos.

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

Instead of staying out of the frame, the girl looks like she’s about to run a 100-yard dash at the Olympics.

It’s unclear when this photo was taken, but the location appears to be Tepoztlán, a town in Mexico known for its Mercado Artesanal and El Tepotzeco, a temple built to honor the Aztec god Tepoztecatl.

A few searches of this photo result in stories published in the Phillipines and Indonesia that erroneously claim the photo was taken in Calcutta, India.

Of course, people started Photoshopping the image. Someone added a bullfighter…

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

Some stories claim the two young men in the photo asked for the young woman to be Photoshopped out of the photo and were trolled instead

… an actual bull… 

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

… And even a goat.

The girl became a jockey…

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

A victim of WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s “RKO”…

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

And one of the few people to defeat Usain Bolt in a race.

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

Her pose reminded someone of the spiky-haired Anime ninja Naruto…

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

… While someone else reimagined her defeating Raditz in a battle from “Dragonball Z.”

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

Tbh, she looks ready to try out for the NFL.

Credit:dougtone / flickr

And although this may be what the two young men in the photo intended to capture…

Someone else thought it was much better as a love story.

Credit: Carlos R Show / Facebook

But if you ask me, I think she looks like a pro skateboarder who is nailing a trick while her two friends cheer her on.

Credit:prodigy130 / flickr

The Internet Lost It After Seeing ‘No Fockin Baby’ On A Video Meme And He Had To Address The Confusion

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So Many People Have Hurt Themselves Opening Avocados That One U.K.-Based Grocer Is Selling Seedless Avocados

no pos wow

So Many People Have Hurt Themselves Opening Avocados That One U.K.-Based Grocer Is Selling Seedless Avocados

@marksandspencer / Instagram / Christina Henderson / mitú

Just when you thought 2017 would end without any more ridiculousness, one U.K.-based grocer said, “Hold my beer.”

Marks & Spencer is now selling seedless avocados to help curb the epidemic of what doctors call “avocado hand.” Not only is there no pit, you can now eat the skin so there isn’t even a need to cut the thing open, saving people who can’t figure out how to cut an avocado from injury. That’s right. People have cut themselves so often while preparing avocados that the injury has it own name. Some folks on social media are very confused about the need for seedless avocados while others are just over babying a group of people who can’t slice an avocado. Here’s what the Internet had to say about these avocados.

The need to create seedless avocados to help people avoid injury is baffling the masses.

It is a miracle that millions have been able to cut open avocados for generations without dying or losing a hand. Either these civilizations are steeped in witchcraft or they are gods.

People ?? just ?? don’t ?? get ?? it.

What’s next? We’re going to start pre-peeling bananas so people don’t strain their wrists? It’s ridic.

Some concerned citizens of planet Earth are calling out what they see.

Damn. That’s harsh, buuuuuut kinda true.

Maybe those risking their lives for some guac should avoid knives all together?

If you can’t be trusted to handle a knife, just ask a responsible friend to do it for you.

That sentiment is being echoed by others.


Some people really tried to find a way to defend it, but came up short.

“Wasting grant money.” ?

It is really exposing the weakest of the human race.

Some are even doing the labor of explaining how to safely slice an avo without losing an arm.

So many people are just plain offended.

GMO (genetically modified organism) isn’t accurate since they are just unpollinated avocado blossoms but the feeling is understood.

Oh yeah. They are also not feeling this edible skin thing.

We’re going to need a minute to process.

If you or someone you know needs help in learning how to prepare avocados without hurting yourself, check out the video below.

See. It is that easy.

READ: Here’s Why Avocados Are Sending People To The Hospital

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