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Here’s Why Avocados Are Sending People To The Hospital

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We’ve all heard that accidents are most likely occur at home, specifically in the bathroom or kitchen. But one thing you never hear about are the statistics for how many people are severely injured while trying to cut an avocado in the kitchen. Well, it happens, as hard as it might be to believe. And when it does, it’s putting people in the hospital.

The New York Times recently released a story titled “How to Cut an Avocado Without Cutting Yourself.”


That’s one way to remove an avocado pit.

Because apparently the avocado injury epidemic is bigger than we realized.


The New York Times article declares the avocado “one of the most dangerous foods to cut.” A single doctor can see upwards of a dozen avocado-cutting-related injuries a year. Staggering! The article’s author even knows someone who was handed a hospital bill of “around $20,000” for injuries sustained while cutting an avocado.

The article also explains that many injuries come from improper handling of the knife while removing the pit, or when a person cuts the avocado while holding it. In an attempt to keep the avocado injury epidemic in check, the New York Times even provided a short video for proper avocado cutting.

But the real issue is that if you’re cutting something, always exercise caution.


No matter what you are cutting, whether it’s an avocado or an apprentice Jedi.

So let’s not blame avocados for bad practices.

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It’s not like the avocado is secretly plotting to hurt you right?


RIGHT??? ?

I mean, the avocado is so cuddly and adorable. It’s like the panda bear of the fruit world.


They’re both so plump and full of joy!



There’s no evil killer in the avocado, waiting to cause you injury.

But if you want a crash course in how to cut an avocado, and you don’t want abuela judging you the entire time…


Cause you know she will.

…Here’s a video to help.

Credit: CookingForYouAndMe / YouTube

No shade. No shame.

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This Politician Is Being Dragged All Over Twitter For His Cinco De Mayo 'Joke'

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This Politician Is Being Dragged All Over Twitter For His Cinco De Mayo ‘Joke’

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee decided to use a moment of his time to commemorate Cinco de Mayo. However, the tweet is, well, pretty tone deaf and it has led to a backlash. It isn’t clear if Huckabee thought that this would be a funny joke or if he just wanted to stir the pot to get some attention. Either way, his claim to “drink an entire jar of hot salsa” to celebrate Cinco de Mayo bombed spectacularly. Here’s what happened:

This was how former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee commemorated Cinco de Mayo.

Now, this tweet could either be a very tone deaf joke about Cinco de Mayo or dude is just trying to get everyone riled up to get some attention.

Go ahead and get your shock out of the way now.

CREDIT: mitú

*deep breath in and deep breath out*

Needless to say, the tweet was not well received.

FYI, it’s cerdo racista.

Some people just didn’t know how to take the tweet.

Like, do you want us to be mad at you or are you just tweeting recklessly and not thinking twice about it?

For a couple people, they are reaching their wits’ end with these kinds of “jokes.”

*eye roll*

But some people pointed out that we really shouldn’t be surprised since Huckabee is always talking about food.

Seriously. Trevor Noah did a whole bit on “The Daily Show” about how everything Huckabee talks about comes back to food.

Speaking of food…


A few people offered him a drink to curb the spice from the whole jar of salsa he claims to be drinking.

While some people took him at his word…

Others were quick to clarify what they think Huckabee meant by “hot salsa.”

Not everyone was buying his tweet as authentic.

Can anyone name something Huckabee has done since his failed presidential bid?

And so many people weren’t able to see the tweet since Huckabee loves that block button.

If you are wondering what is up with the dog reference, here’s a quick article explaining the situation.

But this tweet sums up the sentiment of Huckabee’s tweet best:

And boo him they did.

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