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Demi Lovato Snatched All The Wigs At Once When She Dropped A Surprise Tweet About Her Upcoming Album

It seems that most musicians want to leave their fans on their toes about when their albums and singles are dropping. Demi Lovato is no different. Not only is she singing the national anthem at the upcoming Mayweather Vs. McGregor MMA fight on Saturday and performing at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, the Texas-born pop star just dropped a new single, “Tell Me You Love Me.” There was almost no warning and fans can’t handle themselves right now. Here are some of the best responses to the surprise release of her newest single.

Demi Lovato surprised fans with a release date for her upcoming album “Tell Me You Love Me” and by dropping the title track.

This is not a drill. Everyone make your way to the iTunes or Google Play stores in an orderly fashion.

Fans were blindsided by the tweet.

Blind ?? Sided! ??

Others seem to really appreciate her use of the element of surprise.

I mean, if Morgan Freeman’s okay with it then you should be too.

People are clutching their pearls as they rush to pre-order the album.

? ? ?

While others were too damn hyped to fully function.

?? ? ?

Lovato has been accused of snatching weaves worldwide.

Now that’s an impressive feat.

There’s already talk about whether or not this album will take her back to the Grammys.

Let’s not forget that she was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album before.

Overall, fans are left shook and putting themselves back together after Lovato’s musical bombshell.

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