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Canelo Vs. GGG Lives Up To The Hype But The Judges Stole The Show

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The highly-anticipated fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin lived up to its promise, with both fighters showing off the styles that have made them two of boxing’s best. Canelo, who was looking to counter, looked confident early on, landing some heavy shots throughout the fight. GGG started off slowly, showing respect for Canelo’s power. As the fight wore on, GGG became the aggressor, outworking Alvarez until rounds 10 through 12, when Canelo attempted to mount a comeback.

Things started off well enough…

… and once the bell rang, Canelo and GGG were on the edge of their seats.

Canelo appeared more comfortable early in the fight…

… But GGG began turning the tide, landing more punches.

This former champ was following closely:

Both fighters are known for having single punch knockout power, so it felt like a big mistake from either boxer could have led to a KO.

Once the final bell rang, most observers believed GGG did enough to get a comfortable decision in his favor.

But once the decision was announced — a split decision draw, with one judge scoring the fight 118 – 110 in favor of Canelo — most people reacted this way:

Although the fight was close, the 118-110 score from judge Adelaide Byrd made people very skeptical.

What fight was she watching?

That means Byrd thought GGG only won two rounds the whole fight.

Yes, only TWO rounds for GGG.

Former trainer Teddy Atlas wasn’t having any of it:

Although Canelo said he felt he won, the look of frustration on his face appeared to tell a different story:

Although he was disappointed with the draw, GGG reminded everyone he was still the champ.

Some wondered if Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, had something to do with the sketchy score.

Fuck this I'm going back to sleep #CANELOGGG #ggg #canelo #boxing #youdontplayboxing

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De La Hoya said he thought Canelo won but didn’t understand the 118-110 scorecard.

For many boxing fans, a classic fight was overshadowed by a questionable decision.

But guess what? They’re gonna do it all over again next May.

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People Are Not Buying This High Schoolers Excuse for Her Offensive Pep Rally Sign

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People Are Not Buying This High Schoolers Excuse for Her Offensive Pep Rally Sign

@harley_powell_ / Instagram

A Robertsdale, Ala. teenager has felt the wrath of the Internet after posting a photo from a pep rally of her carrying a sign that read “Put The Panic Back In Hispanic.”

The 16-year-old high school student was photographed with the school mascot and a friend who was holding a “Trump: Make America Great Again” flag. The post quickly went viral and people were not happy about it.

The caption for the Instagram post that went viral reads: “Put The Panic Back In Hispanic” ? #dontgetButthurt I’m honestly not gonna care if you do anyways so!! ? ? #sorryboutit”.

According to, the student originally tried to explain the sign as something solely for the game against her school’s rival team, the Spanish Fort Toros, and not a political statement. The teenager also wrote an apology letter to the Baldwin County School Board, which was obtained by News 5 WKRG. The letter reads:

“I am one of the girls in the picture at the Robertsdale High School pep rally. I had the sign that said ‘Put the ‘panic’ back in Hispanic’. Sir, I would like to inform you that that wasn’t my intention and was not meat (sic) for it to be taken that way. We played the Spanish Fort Toros on Friday night, I was meaning ‘panic the Toros’ considering when I think Spanish I think Mexican or Hispanic. When I realized how people were taking it, I wasn’t going to bring it. But my friend who had it in his truck brought it to the bleachers, when one of the boys sitting near me saw it and held it up. I do apologize for making our school look bad and I do understand any consequences I must face. But I also believe in my right of speech. I did not mean it in any kind of racial way, half of my family are Hispanic. Thank you for your time reading this, I apologize for all the publicity and misunderstandings this has brought to our school.”

Domingo Soto, a Latino civil rights attorney, has been speaking on behalf of the high school students in the photo and claims that it is all a misunderstanding.

“When I first saw it, my reaction was ‘I’m very angry. I’m Hispanic and a civil rights guy,'” Soto told “But she’s mortified by it. It wasn’t her intention to mean anything harmful by it. It was insensitive on her part because she didn’t think about it. I’m amazed at where this has gone.”

Soto also told that he believes that the reason the photo is getting so much attention is because it fits into the narrative people have about the South and that people aren’t willing to look into the facts. According to Soto, the student never had the sign at the pep rally. Echoing what the claims in her letter to the district, Soto says the teen had left it in a friend’s truck, someone then took the sign and used it in the pep rally, then gave it to her at the end of the event.

As for how the three ended up in the picture together, Soto told that the two students and the mascot were walking out of the pep rally separately when someone asked to take their picture. This was after someone handed the sign back to the her.

According to My NBC 15, Baldwin County School Superintendent Eddie Tyler said that they were aware of the image and were looking into the matter.

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