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Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Gets Emotional After Not Guilty Verdict

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Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder, was found not guilty of murdering two men after a nightclub dispute in 2012. After hearing the verdict, Hernandez looked emotional as he hugged members of his defense team.

During the trial, prosecutors said Hernandez killed the two men, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, after one of the men spilled a drink on Hernandez at a nightclub. Hernandez’s friend, Alexander Bradley, testified against him and said he was with Hernandez during the nightclub dispute. Bradley also claimed he was driving Hernandez’s SUV when former NFL star fired five shots at the two men, who were in another vehicle next to them. Bradley testified that Hernandez shot him in the face to keep him quiet about the incident.

The jury, however, apparently did not find Bradley’s testimony credible. Defense attorneys said Bradley’s previous criminal history made him an unreliable witness. Bradley, who is currently in prison for an unrelated nightclub shooting, also made a deal to get immunity in exchange for testifying against Hernandez, which may have led the jury to believe he was not being completely honest.

Hernandez’s attorneys say it was Bradley, not Hernandez, who killed the two men.

Of the eight charges Hernandez was on trial for, he was only found guilty of unlawful possession of a gun. He was sentenced to additional 5 years for the crime, to be served after life sentence.

Although Hernandez is serving life in prison without parole for the murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd, defense attorney Ronald Sullivan told CNN this case was still important to Hernandez: “He was charged for something somebody else did, and that is a weighty burden for anyone to shoulder.”

Here is footage of Hernandez learning the verdict:

Credit: Fox News / YouTube

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If A 71-Year-Old Dude Dissed You Via Twitter, What Would You Do?


If A 71-Year-Old Dude Dissed You Via Twitter, What Would You Do?

The New York Knicks have been the NBA’s best telenovela, from the offseason to the recently-kicked-off playoffs (and the Knicks didn’t make it to the playoffs). Before the season began, when Derrick Rose was traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Knicks, he proclaimed he was joining a “super team” on par with the Golden State Warriors. He was quickly roasted for it.

After losing six of their first 10 games, the Knicks were clearly not as “super” as Rose thought. By the All-Star break, the Knicks season was already being pegged as “disappointing.” Soon after, things got rough. Rose mysteriously skipped a game due to “family issues.” Later in the season, team owner James Dolan had Knicks legend Charles Oakley thrown out of Madison Square Garden. The incident, which spread quickly via social media, only made the already unpopular Dolan even more loathed by fans.

Then, the Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations, Phil Jackson, decided to fire some lowkey shots at Carmelo Anthony, the team’s often-criticized star.

Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding published an article stating that Jackson should have known Anthony didn’t have the same will to win as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Jackson, who coached both Jordan and Kobe, commented on the story via Twitter.

In the tweet, Jackson implied he was aware that Anthony, who is blamed for the Knicks’ woes, did not have a similar will to win. Jackson has every right to his opinion, but when you’re the prez of basketball operations, it’s usually better to keep quiet.

Melo probably read the tweet like:

Credit: NBA / YouTube

“Doesn’t he know better than to talk s*** about a player with a no trade clause?”

A few days ago, in a press conference, Jackson revealed he had learned his lesson about Twitter and pledged to tweet a lot less.

MSG Networks
CREDIT: MSG Networks

But he didn’t have a change of heart about Anthony. Instead, he doubled down on his comments:

“We have not been able to win with him on the court at this time and I think the direction with our team is that he is a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere he can win or chase that championship.”

Anthony, whose contract does not expire until 2019, decided to reply via Instagram:

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REALLY 😂😂 #StayMe7o

A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) on

#StayMe7o,” wrote Anthony.

Although Anthony found Jackson’s comments funny, the National Basketball Player’s Association did not. They released this statement:

“We voiced with the Commissioner today our view on the inappropriate comments by Knicks President Phil Jackson. If players under contract cannot, under threat of league discipline, speak openly about their desire to be employed elsewhere, we expect management to adhere to the same standards. The door swings both ways when it comes to demonstrating loyalty and respect.”

Where will Melo end up? Will Jackson cool it on the s***-talking? Find out next time en el próximo capitulo de los New York Knicks!

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