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This Argentinian Boy Accidentally Swallowed A Pet Toy Squeaker And His Face Says It All

The boy’s face, when he is asked to inhale, says it all.

A young boy in Argentina inadvertently swallowed a piece of a pet toy that is used to make a honking noise. As a result, the boy made distinct honking noises every time he took a breath. He sounded like a walking party horn. Dr. Santiago Gomez Zuviría posted a video of the boy breathing as he examined the patient to discover what was happening. After every breath, the boy had a look on his face that was equal parts unamused and embarrassed.

“It was a tragi-comic situation, to be honest,” Gomez Zuviría told HuffPost Canada. “I’ve never seen or heard about a case like this in my life.”

Dr. Gomez Zuviría posted photos and videos of the visit to Facebook with a warning to all parents.

Sucedió en Tucumán. Moraleja: cuidado con lo que juegan los niños.

Posted by Santiago Gomez Zuviría on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

“It happened in Tucumán,” reads the doctor’s post. “Moral: Be careful with what the children play. (?)”

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