Proof That It Sometimes Pays Off To Be a Burro

No matter how cool we think we are, we’ve all had those moments in life where we make a total burro of ourselves. But when it comes down to it, you really just have to own it. Here are 9 moments that are totally relatable to any burro:

1. When you don’t know how to cook so your mom cooks for you.



At this point, why even try? No matter what we cook, it will never be as good as ma’s food, so we might as well just let her do the cooking for us.

2. When you lock your keys in your car & have your tía drive you to work, and you guys rock out to your favorite songs on the way.


Credit: YouTube/We Are Mitu

Okay, yes, this is the third time in one week you’ve locked your keys in your own car, but at least you’re not afraid to ask your tía for a ride. After all, she always jams out to the best music in traffic. It’s honestly a win-win situation.

3. When you give yourself terrible bangs, but rock them with confidence and people think you meant to do it.


Credit: YouTube/We Are Mitu

Yes, you should’ve listened to everyone that told you to go to a professional to get your bangs styled, but, what’s done is done. So why not rock them as if they were meant to be crooked? It’s 2017, no one is going to question your hairstyle anymore.

4. When you forget how to separate your laundry, and borrow your younger sibling’s clothes so you don’t have to wear your pink-stained T-shirt.


Credit: YouTube/Wearemitu

As an adult, you should for sure know how to properly do a load of laundry. Buuuuuut sometimes you screw it up. (Okay, more like most times). But thanks to your little sis or bro who really is the same size as you anyway–you can just sneak into their room and borrow their shirt, instead of wearing your ruined one. Besides, crop tops are in!

5. When you totally forget the ingredients for drinks at a party so you run out to a store and just grab some ginger ale & a bottle of Captain Morgan.


Forgetting to bring anything to a party is a horrible feeling. BUT WAIT! There is a savior: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum paired with ginger ale and WAHH-LAHH! You have a perfect cocktail in mere seconds. So the next time you feel yourself freaking out, just relax, and know that wherever there’s a grocery store that carries the Captain, there’s a way.

6. When you get up to karaoke a ranchera and forget the lyrics, so you do a ridiculous dance to distract everyone from your blunder.



Forgetting the words to a classic ranchera is a disgrace, obviously, but you can totally redeem yourself by doing an insane dance. Pretty soon everyone will be so mesmerized by you doing the worm backwards that they’ll totally forget you blanked on the lyrics while singing karaoke…which is pretty hard to do, since you have the lyrics on the screen. It’s fine. Deep breaths.

7. When you accidentally spoil your abuela’s favorite telenovela, so you let her ask personal questions about your love life.



The only thing worse than forgetting the lyrics to a Selena song is spoiling your abuela’s favorite telenovela. Which you accidentally did…because you were totally having a burro moment. It’s fine. You redeem yourself by simply allowing your abuela to ask you all of the prying questions about your love life that you usually shut down. You deserve this–how could you spoil the reveal of ANOTHER evil twin?!

8. When you don’t know how to salsa dance, so you let your cousins make fun of you and just remind them that you’re older and wiser.


Credit: YouTube/We are mitu

ALRIGHT, SO YOU NEVER LEARNED HOW TO PROPERLY SALSA AND ALL OF YOUR LITTLE COUSINS FIND OUT. This is an embarrassing moment, obviously, but you just let them laugh it off for a bit before you remind them you’re older and wiser and just generally cooler.

9. When you know you’ll forget your anniversary, so you have a gift hidden somewhere in the house, just in case.


Credit: YouTube/We Are Mitu

To be fair, remembering dates is totally not your thing. Which is why you are prepared every morning for bae to say, “Happy Anniversary!” You always have a gift hidden somewhere so you won’t be caught off guard. Basically, in a moment when you make a total burro out of yourself, you’re actually pretty genius.

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