She Didn’t Suspect I Was Being Unfaithful…And Then…

I got caught cheating. It was bad.

I was waiting in the car to pick her up from her bachata class. I was on my phone. I knew it was wrong. But I didn’t know how wrong. Anyways, that’s when I heard her tapping on my window. And I knew she had seen me. She had caught me red-handed, watching our favorite show… on my phone… without her.

She was not chill.

There was no getting out of this.

It got real.

Then she got up in my face. She started talking in this low voice. I was scared.

Then I pretty much saw my soul leave my body.

I gave it a few days. I think she was just a little worked up from all the dancing. I had a brilliant plan. I was so happy with this plan. I knew bae would be back in my arms in no time. This is what my plan was:

Ummm…the plan didn’t go over so well.

Just because you got it made with unlimited data plans from AT&T when you add DirecTV don’t let this happen to you. Stream responsibly. With your significant other, that is. But man, it feels so good to watch pretty much everything you want, whenever you want.

Follow up: Bae and I worked things out. I agreed to take bachata with her. And I got her on that unlimited data AT&T plan. Things are going perfectly, and we are able to stream happily ever after.

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