đŸ’Ș “Gay cholo” Meet The Rapper Who Proves You CanBoth

“When you’re gay cholo, people see you a whole different way.”

Meet Deadlee, the gay, rapping cholo who has spent years challenging the idea of what gay men should look like — and what cholos should look like, for that matter. In a mini-doc by #EmergingUS, Deadlee talks about the difficulty of straddling the line between his two identities. He speaks about being discriminated by police in his neighborhood and by the gay community in West Hollywood — places where he never fully feels accepted or comfortable as a gay Latino. For Deadlee, one of the worst parts about being a self-described “homo cholo” in Los Angeles is gentrification. As Los Angeles has grown around him, he has watched gay bars for people of color slowly disappear.

“I think the gay community needs to check itself a little bit and realize there is a race problem,” Deadlee told #EmergingUS.

Credit: The Homo Cholo – #EmergingUS / Vimeo

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