Human Mannequins, Fart Smellers, Mermaids and 9 Other Jobs You Won’t Believe People Get Paid to Do

Some people will try anything to make a buck. Others don’t want to sit in a cubicle from 9 to 5. If you’re one of those people, there’s a gig out there for you. Promise. Look hard enough, and you may get paid to do stuff like this…

Professional Fart Smeller

Photo Credit: toddmccann / Flickr

Most of us smell farts for free whether we want to or not, but some people make a career out of smelling strangers’ farts. Why? To help diagnose medical conditions. ¡Guacala!

Human Mannequin

Photo Credit: liam_bracy / Flickr

Ever been told you’re a doll? Or a big stiff? Perhaps you should consider being a live mannequin. I hear there’s a lot of standing around.

Stoned Sex Columnist

Photo Credit: David Trawin / Flickr

If you’re good at giving advice about doing the deed while under the influence of weed, you could have made a great sex columnist with a marijuana focus.

Professional Mourner

Photo Credit: rachelsian / Flickr

“How’s work?”

“It’s dead today.”

If you can weep as easily as La Llorona, you can rent your services out for funerals. Professional mourners are hired to go to the funerals of people they never met, cry their eyes out and make it appear that the deceased will be really, really missed.

Bed Tester

Photo Credit: jenik / Flickr

Robots don’t sleep, so mattress companies need humans to test out their mattresses. Sounds dreamy.

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Pooper Scooper

Photo Credit: boxer_bob / Flickr

You down with OPPP?

Music Curator & Loader

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Lonzini / Flickr

Know how to load music onto an iPod or iSomething or other? There are people who will pay you to put tunes on their iPods. Some people have more time, some have more money. If you’ve got the time, they’ll give you their money.

Ghost Writer for Santa Claus

Photo Credit: harpers / Flickr

Santa ain’t got time to respond to the millions of kids that send him letters. You can be Santa’s little writing elf this Christmas season.

Dice Quality Inspector

Photo Credit: simon_syon / Flickr

What? You think dice inspect themselves? Of course not. Someone needs to make sure the spots are where they are supposed to be and that the suckas roll they way they should. That’s where a professional dice quality inspector comes in.

Wait-in-Line Specialist

Photo Credit: luiscdiaz / Flickr

Would you wait in line if you didn’t have to? Probably not. That’s why some people will pay you to wait in line for them.

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Partying Mermaid/Merman

Photo Credit: experiment33 / Flickr

Yes, there are people who get paid to dress up as mermaids and swim around at fancy parties. There’s probably a bigger market for mermaids than mermen, but gender bias in the workplace should never get in the way of your dreams. If you want to be a professional merperson, go for it!

NASA Staff Sniffer

Photo Credit: alinssite / Flickr

Get ready to have your mind blown. Things like space shuttle materials, tools and clothes all have to pass a NASA sniffer test before they get sent into space. There’s no fresh air up there, so foul odors get trapped and astronauts may get sick from the stink.

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