This Hilarious ‘Immigrant Or Real American’ Quiz Makes A Great Point

Credit: TruTV / YouTube

“Jeffrey Dahmer?!” “Real American!” “Yes, Correct!”

Comedian Billy Eichner’s wry sense of humor shines on his TV series, “Billy On The Street,” where he spends most of his time jogging down the sidewalks of New York, quizzing passersby with random, often provocative questions. He’ll often bring a celebrity along with him to make things a little more fun, but his quizzes featuring everyday people are just as entertaining. Case in point: during one episode of “Billy On The Street,” Eichner grabbed a New Yorker named Kevin to play a quiz called “Immigrant or Real American?” If you listen closely to the questions, the message behind Eichner’s quiz becomes clear: immigrants are not inherently evil and, sometimes, “real Americans” can be dangerous.

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