10 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Date Fishing

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Latinos are water people, we love everything that has to do with spending time near, on or in the water. We love the beach, we are always the first ones to jump in the pool and the last ones to get out, we love water sports and our dream vacation always involves being close to water. It’s no surprise that we are naturally good at fishing, too!

Have you ever tried fishing? Well, you should! It’s in your genes, and if you are trying to impress someone, you have to do something that will make you look good.

Having said that, here are the top 10 reasons why your next date should be fishing:

1. It’s a one-of-a-kind date

Ok, it’s 2017 and the dating game has changed so much. People are doing all kinds of crazy activities because dinners and cups of coffee are just too basic. This new dating trend involves sports or physical activities and while this may sound good at first, its not easy trying to look good while you hike up a mountain or bike uphill with your quads burning like fuego. This is why fishing is so great, you can chill, talk, and enjoy nature while you wait for the fish to bite.


2. Show off your skills at the grill

Want to show off your grill master skills? Then fishing is the right activity for your next date. Fresh caught fish tastes a-ma-zing and if the chemistry is right, it can turn into the best lunch or dinner ever. You don’t really need to be an expert, pop that grill open, throw the fish on and let the magic begin. You know what they say, good food is the gateway to the heart ❤.


3. Fishing doesn’t care if you are young or old

You feel you are too old to go to a club or too young to be let into a bar? Well, fishing is perfect for you. No matter how young or old you are in the dating game this sport will welcome you, always.


4. You, your date and the water

What is more romantic than a date by the water? You can either wake up early and catch the sunrise or cook your catch while enjoying enjoying a sunset. Let nature help you with the scenery, you just need to add the charm. Worried about sea sickness? Don’t worry, you can also fish by the pier or by the lake shore. Enjoy the magic of being by the water without being in the water.


5. Turn your date into a fishing party

You can turn this date into a fishing party! Tell your date to invite a couple of friends and you do the same. Get your friends to chip in, rent a boat and go out in the water. Bring the fishing poles, a cooler and snacks. Enjoy a date in the open water like the rich and famous.


6. It’s great for photo ops

If your date is Instagram or Snapchat obsessed, well this date will give you both plenty of photo opportunities to show off the magic of fishing. Instead of shooting a blurry selfie at a bar (horrible lighting), how about a photo of you both with your catch (in some awesome natural lighting)? But for real, the gram it or it didn’t happen.


7. There is no competition around

Have you had a date where you are at a bar and your date is checking out somebody else? If yes, don’t feel bad – it’s super common. Chances are that if you go to a crowded bar where everyone spent hours dressing up, there will be many who will look as good or better than you (let’s be real). Avoid this by taking your date to a more intimate place, where you can actually get to know each other while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  The only competition is you and the fish, and if your date is showing more interest in the fish than you – you’ve got a problem.


8. You don’t need special skills or training

You don’t need to know anything about fishing. In fact, you can both learn together and practice as you go. Don’t have any fishing gear? No problem, you can rent all the equipment at an affordable price. So, don’t be discouraged if you’ve never been fishing before, it doesn’t require any specific training. It’s more about luck and even more about enjoying a day out surrounded by nature, getting to know someone you can potentially like.


9. Señoritaaaas, take the lead on this one

Ladies, aren’t you tired of meeting up for a drink or dinner at the same old places over and over? This is your chance to take the lead and suggest fishing for a first date that will reel-y impress. Don’t live by the sea? No problema, fishing can be done on a lake too.


10. You can bring your dog

Yes, this is a pet-friendly kind of date! Bringing your pup on the boat means you’ll have a guaranteed conversation starter. And let’s face it, if your crush doesn’t like your dog, the relationship is doomed anyway because everybody knows that dogs > humans. It really is the perfect plan.


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