Here’s What Crossed Our Minds When We Tried a Morgan Mule For The First Time

It’s not always easy to go up to a bar and order a new drink. This is what went through our head when we decided to ditch the usual and go for a #MorganMule.


1. Ok, I am doing this, I am going to be adventurous and detour from my go-to beer order.

2. Oh, this is top shelf liquor. I don’t even know if I can reach that top shelf of the bar.

3. Captain Morgan himself is so majestic. Should I begin posing in all my Instagram Stories like that?

4. Maybe I can dress up like Captain Morgan for Halloween. I would so win.

5. How does his hair stay so silky? I need to know what type of deep conditioner the Captain uses.

6. Ok back to the drink. Oh the bartender is pouring it over ice, niceee.

7. The color of the rum is pretty; it needs to be made into an accessory line for bracelets or something. I would buy it.

8. The garnishes are lime + mint?! I LOVE lime. I put limon on everything. ALL. THE. FOODS.

9. The bartender didn’t even have to muddle, drain, nothing, just mix in some ginger ale, ice and Captain Morgan. That is easy enough that I can make it!

10. Ginger ale is the underrated dark horse of sodas. It needs to be in more drinks.

11. Ok, going in to try this.

12. Smooth and refreshing tasting! Why do mojitos get all the mint hype?

13. Someone needs to hype up the Morgan Mule.

14. Oh I like the alliteration almost as I like this combo of mint, lime, rum + ginger ale.

15. Can I keep this tankard glass it came in? Would anyone notice if I put it in my purse?

16. No, ok, I am going to be classy and not take the glass. I AM however going to find out where I can get these for my bar cart at home.

17. I need to go out and buy these ingredients at the corner bodega when I get home. For about $25 bucks I can get everything to make drinks for our next apartment party!

18. I need to get my friends to start drinking Morgan Mules, it’s the new cocktail on the block.

19. Can I eat the mint, is that weird?

20. Not going to eat the mint but it does smell good in my drink. Maybe that means I don’t need to have gum in my purse. Natural breath cleaner! Score.

21. Going to finish off this drink with some bar snacks. I can totally see this being paired with cacahuates japones.

22. I am really glad I decided to be a risk taker and order up a Morgan Mule.

23. Morgan Mule for the win!

Sponsored by Captain Morgan.

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