Here’s Why This Lucha Libre Star Is Waving A U.S. Flag And Praising Donald Trump In Front of Mexican Fans


This is Sam Polinsky, a.k.a. Sam Adonis, a rising star in Mexico’s lucha libre.

What makes him so special?

The 27-year-old, 6-foot-4 wrestler is getting tons of attention in Mexico thanks to his persona: a flag waving Trump supporter.


When Adonis enters the arena, waving the flag with President Trump’s face on it, fans hurl beers, popcorn and expletives at him, Reuters reports.

This gimmick has made Adonis a rudo, or a bad guy, in lucha libre.


In a recent interview, Adonis told NPR:

My favorite thing to do is to get some father and mother to bring their kid to a show, and they’re enjoying it with a smile on their face. When I can get that dad five minutes later to want to jump over the rail and cut my throat, that’s a great feeling. That’s how I know I’m good at my job.

In the ’90s, Eddie Guerrero used a similar anti-immigration gimmick in Mexico. Fans hated him.


Guerrero and his partner, the late Art Barr, called themselves “Los Gringos Locos” and wore American flag-inspired gear. This was around the time California Governor Pete Wilson introduced the infamous Proposition 187, a law targeting immigrants in the state. Guerrero wore red, white and blue tights and taunted Mexican audiences by chanting “187” during matches. Years later, Guerrero became famous for his Latino Heat persona, arguably his greatest gimmick ever in the WWE.

So Adonis isn’t the first wrestler to use a tense political climate to get a quick pop from the audience.

Over the last couple of years, Donald Trump has referred to Mexican citizens as rapists and criminals. He has promised to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which he insists Mexico will pay for. And President Trump has threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico. So of course President Trump is not the most popular guy.

But Sam Adonis says he isn’t really as pro-Trump as his ring persona would have you believe.

In an interview with Reuters, Adonis said:

I can’t say I support Trump but I definitely respect Trump. He is just himself, and if you like it, you like it, and if you don’t, you don’t.

The pro-Trump gimmick even started out as a joke.

In an interview with Vice Sports, Sam Adonis says he got Trump’s face airbrushed onto his tights for a joke. Lucha libre fans immediately responded:

There was a lot of positive, like, “Wow, that’s so funny.” And a lot of people were like, “Hey, that’s a bit too much.” But that’s the reaction I was going for. I knew that was a sensitive topic and something that could be built upon.

And in an interview with NPR, Adonis said he admired President Trump’s flare for entertainment.


Donald Trump is no stranger to the squared-circle. In fact, President Trump is a member of WWE’s Hall of Fame, a distinction that no other President holds.

But Adonis told NPR that if tensions between the U.S. and Mexico get to heated, he might think about changing his in-ring persona.

Adonis told NPR:

If the situation between the U.S. and Mexico were to get aggressive or violent, then I’d have to think about it. But this situation is too much, and it’s too good to pass up right now, so I’d like to milk it for everything it’s worth.

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Here's The Cutest, Little Mazapan Pillow You Can Make For Your Besties


Here’s The Cutest, Little Mazapan Pillow You Can Make For Your Besties

Perfect gift for your special amor.

Posted by We are mitú on Saturday, February 11, 2017

This mazapan pillow is such a quick and easy gift that’s too cute to handle. ?

Inspired by the original Mazapan candy, which usually falls apart as soon as you open the wrapper- here’s a cute, little mazapan pillow that won’t fall apart when you touch it. Check out this quick tutorial video and follow the detailed instructions below for further guidance. ?

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • 2 sheets of beige felt
  • 2 sheets of red felt
  • 1 sheet of green felt
  • Print of letters “Unbreakable”
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Marker (preferably a fabric marker)
  • Circular object for pillow base
  • Smaller circular object for rose
  • Optional: Mazapan candy for reference

Here are the instructions:

  1. Place larger circular object for the pillow base over the two sheets of beige felt and trace the circular object with a marker.
  2. Cut out the two circles and use your hot glue gun to glue them. **Make sure to leave a 1″ seam.step 01 & 2
  3. Now you can turn pillow base inside out through the seam.m step 03
  4. Next, cut out the letters from the print and place them over 1 sheet of red felt. **Feel free to change the text from “unbreakable” to anything else you’d like!
  5. Trace the letters with marker and cut them out. ✂️
  6. Now you can flip the letters over right side up and glue them onto the pillow base where desired.m steps 4, 5, & 6
  7. Bring out your second sheet of red felt and trace a smaller circular shape over it. 
  8. Cut out the circular shape and make sure to scallop the edges of the circle.
  9. Spiral cut the circle inwards.m steps 7, 8 & 9
  10. Roll the red felt in and it will start to resemble a rose. Make sure to glue the end of the rose to the bottom to secure it together. ?m step 10
  11. Bring out your green felt and fold over one of the ends and trace the fold with your marker. 
  12. Draw 4 half circles on your green felt and cut them out.m steps 11 & 12
  13. Next, cut ¼” with the remainder of green felt and then cut it in half. These two pieces of green felt will be your rose stems.m step 13
  14. Now you can glue the rest of the pieces onto the beige felt in order to resemble a rose. **Note: You can use a Mazapan candy as a reference. m step 14
  15. Next, you can fill pillow base with stuffing.
  16. Finally, close the seam and you’re done!!m final steps

**Note: the Mazapan pillow is not edible.?

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