Latino USA’s Story About A Latina Teen Who Pretended To Be Pregnant Is A Must-Listen

Latino USA/ NPR
Latino USA / NPR

Gaby Rodriguez Corona comes from community where teen parents are fairly common. After getting “the talk” from her mom, who had been a teen parent herself, and after babysitting her siblings, Gaby considered herself scared straight. However, she couldn’t help noticing how poorly people treated pregnant teens. Corona wondered if she, a well-respected student in the top 5% at her school, would receive the same ire if she became pregnant. Gaby, then 17, thought she’d try pregnancy out herself, but only as a social experiment for her senior thesis. Along the way, she got an inside look at how people write off and mistreat pregnant teens and served those very people a lesson in humanity when she revealed the truth to the entire school.

Give a good, long listen to this incredible story reported by Zakiya Gibbons for NPR’s Latino USA Podcast.

What do you think about Gaby’s experiment? Do you think you could hold up a lie for six months to teach a lesson for the greater good?

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Mexican Soccer Star Finds A "Border Wall" At Toys R Us In Portugal


Mexican Soccer Star Finds A “Border Wall” At Toys R Us In Portugal

Meet Miguel Layun.

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Vamonos!!! #IncondicionalEs #MexVsCR 🇲🇽⚽️

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He’s one of the standout fútbol players on Mexico’s national team.

He currently plays professionally for FC Porto, a club based in Porto, Portugal.

During some recent off time, Layun visited a Toys ‘R’ Us in the neighborhood of Gaia in Porto. He was shocked to find the store displaying a “brick” wall, a stop sign and two signs: one with an arrow to Mexico, and another with an arrow for USA.

Layun took to social accounts to post a photo of the U.S-Mexico border wall display. “It doesn’t scare me, but I think it’s disrespectful for @toysrus in Gaia to put up these decorations. It’s a message that is not really appropriate for children. Let them grow up without prejudices,” wrote Layun.

On Twitter, Layun said his family walked out of the store after seeing the display.

About an hour after he posted the image to his social accounts, Toys ‘R’ Us replied to Layun’s tweet.

Credit: Toys R Us / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: Toys R Us / Twitter

A few hours later, Layun posted a video with an update of the incident. According to Layun, the store manager and employees spoke to him after he posted the photo.

Miguel Layun Oficial / Facebook
CREDIT: Miguel Layun Oficial / Facebook

“I want to clear up what happened today at Toys R Us. I want to thank the manager and workers for speaking to me and my family to make it clear their intention was not to mock us or make us feel uncomfortable. The decoration was just that — a decoration for the “carnaval” taking place in Portugal. I also wanted to thank Toys R Us for letting me know that those are not the politics or ideals of the company. From the heart, I appreciate it. I also wanted to mention that it would hurt me very much if this led to the firing of one of the employees working in Gaia. That wasn’t the idea. It was simply to express that respect is important.”

He then reiterated there are real people affected by a U.S.-Mexico border wall and the negativity surrounding it.

Credit: Miguel Layun Oficial / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: Miguel Layun Oficial / Facebook

“It’s a delicate subject that is affecting [people] and creating difficult problems for many people. It’s not a subject to play around with. Hopefully, I was able to make them conscious of this. That was my only goal. I hope that this served that purpose… I hope that we all do what we can because the last thing we need in this world is more reasons to incite violence. That’s all I wanted to make clear in my message, and again, I wanted to thank all the people at Toys R Us, for making it clear that’s not the way you wanted to decoration to be displayed… [I also send] a strong greeting to all the Mexican families out there.”

Watch Layun’s full message here:

‪De verdad solo pido que no haya ninguna pérdida de trabajo con lo ocurrido hoy. Gracias Toys”R”Us .

Posted by Miguel Layún on Saturday, February 25, 2017

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