7 Mind Blowing Ways Golf Can Improve Your Well-being

So you’ve heard about this golf thing but you are not really sure it is for you. You grew up thinking of golf as something only rich people do. Let us stop you right there and explain to you why golf is probably the sport everyone should try and why it might be the door to a whole new world of opportunities for you.

Let us begin by saying that as someone living in the United States, you are SUPER lucky because there are public golf courses everywhere. Yes, believe it or not, in many countries (like in Mexico), there are only private golf courses and most of them require memberships or ridiculously high fees to be able to play. In the U.S., it’s not only for the rich, it’s for everyone and you should try it to see how relaxing and addictive it can be.

So, if you are looking for a change in your life, this is how golf could be your answer:

1. It can get you a scholarship

Sports like golf can make you eligible for a scholarship at any college or university and you can even make it to the Olympic Games or the PGA TOUR (the organizer of most of the professional golf events played around the world). If you have impressive sports capabilities but you are not super tall or or super strong, golf might be a better option for you to try to get a shot into the select league of college sports.


2. You can become your boss’ favorite employee

Your boss loves golf? Then you might want to learn how to play it. As you have seen in many movies, golf is also the best business meeting place. Take some golf lessons and invite your boss to play with you, this may just be the right place and time to ask for that raise or to tell him those ideas you have been thinking about.


3. It’s quite a workout for the body and for the mind

On average, a person who walks the 18 holes will walk anywhere between 4-6 miles each game. But also, golf is like yoga because it makes you aware of your body and its movement. You will have to be mindful of every detail to achieve the perfect swing and it also stimulates your mind since you have to think about distances, strength and strategy to put this mini ball in a hole that is several hundred yards away.


4. You are in contact with nature

When was the last time you were surrounded by nature for a few continuous hours? Golf is like meditating, it requires your mind to focus solely on putting the ball in a hole and it also surrounds you with nature and all of its beautiful smells, sounds and sights. There are studies that have proven that being in contact with nature makes you happier and healthier. What else could you ask from a sport that makes you happy, healthy, smarter and gets you in shape?


5. You can make new and diverse friends

You don’t need to have friends that already play golf, that’s the beauty of it. You can make friends at the course and enjoy several hours of conversation, jokes and tips on the game. Golf is that sport that you can play with your primos, tios or with your parents and you can all have an amazing time regardless of your age or gender. Go out and play, your new best friend is waiting for you on the course.


6. It’s the perfect excuse to ask out that golf enthusiast you really like

You already noticed that the new guy or girl at the office has a golf mug or talks about playing the sport, now make a move. Ask him or her out to go play. This is the perfect excuse because it will not sound like an awkward date. Instead, tell this person you’ve always wanted to learn and you heard of this amazing golf course close to the city. Spending some time walking and talking but also focusing on the game might just be the best way to find out if you would really like to date this person or just keep him or her as a golf mentor.


7. There is always a bar at the end

Commonly known as hole 19, for most people this is the perfect motivation to get through the workout. Tell us one other sport in which there is a bar waiting for you when you are done? Nin- gu-no. So, if all of the other reasons haven’t convinced you yet, let this be the one that gets you right on the course this weekend 🙂


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