Things That Embarrassed Us About Our Culture, But Now Make Us Proud

Back in the day we used to run from all of this because we thought they were nacadas, but now we embrace it because it reminds us of home and where we come from.


Credit: @explorandoguatemala / Instagram

We thought it was the lamest game, but now it’s part of our wine nights in.

Our Parents’ Favorite Music: Rancheras

Credit: ymipalabraeslaley / Tumblr

We were so ashamed when our parents blasted it on the radio, today it’s our karaoke anthem.

Reggaeton / Bachata / Salsa

Credit: saphiregoldenheart / Tumblr

This was considered música de nacos when we were in high school, but it’s funny how these days we’re on the search for a club that plays this music we can dance to.

Tacos de Frijoles

Credit: @ositalov3 / Instagram

Talk about embarrassment. When mom packed these for lunch we made sure to eat alone. Now we wish she’d pack us this amazingness for lunch.

Abuelita’s DIY

Credit: @crochet_aragne / Instagram

We wouldn’t get caught walking dead in that sweater she knitted you, but now we’re paying for something similar on Etsy because it reminds us of her ?.

Watching Telenovelas

Credit: thalianow / Tumblr / Televisa

We’d never admit to our friends that we spent your weeknights watching María la del Barrio with our parents. Today we’re binge-watching them on Netflix with our girls.

Going to the Mercadito

Credit: @susypaloozy / Instagram

Naco alert! We would’ve been mortified if our friends found out we shopped there and not the mall. It took us 20 years to realize they have the best, most authentic items you can’t find at Macy’s.

Family Parties

Credit: @dtrejovincent / Instagram

Bautizos, quinceañeras, bodas – they were soooo boring and we threw fits when our parents dragged us there. Now they’re our favorite kind of party because we can’t get enough of our drunk uncles.

Our Family at School Events

Credit: @reinahernandezphotography / Instagram

We were so ashamed when our family showed up to our graduation with sound makers, and now we wish we could bring them everywhere because they’re the life of the party.

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#HispanicsBreakTheInternet Shows Every Beautiful Side to Being Latino


#HispanicsBreakTheInternet Shows Every Beautiful Side to Being Latino

The hashtag #HispanicsBreakTheInternet made a revival this past weekend, so much so that it was trending big time on Twitter.

This is the tweet that got the ball rolling on #HispanicsBreakTheInternet.

And damn, people really mobbed Twitter with stunning selfies.

The hashtag developed into tweets about the many things that make Latinos unique, amazing, and, of course, beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful:

You know someone’s mom and dad had to make an appearance.

While some used the trending topic to post selfies or to be silly, some took it much deeper.

Twitter user @QueerXiChisme wasn’t a fan of the choice to use “Hispanics” in the hashtag.

And he reminded his followers why:

Liza Sabater, social digital activist, also made sure people were informed about the term “Hispanic.”

Now, whether you’re a fan of the term “Hispanic” or not, the reality is we Latinos, Latinx (however you choose to identify), know how to represent.

Just remember, we’re never too late to break the internet.

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What makes Latinos beautiful to you? Tell us in the comments and hit the share button below! 

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These #GrowingUpHispanic Tweets Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry


These #GrowingUpHispanic Tweets Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

When you want to find other people who went through the saaaaaame turmoils, joys, struggles and ENDLESS ROASTING SESSIONS you did growing up, there’s always Twitter. And this week, Latino Twitter took a look back on what it means to grow up in a Latino family:

Abuela was there to save the day:

You never had to guess what your mom thought of your friends:


This was filled with disappointment:

“¿Y tu novio?” haunts you to this day:

And yet there was only one man you really wanted…

Dramatic? Your mom? NEVER:

Boredom was dangerous:

…And sometimes, hearing dance music was the worst possible thing:

There’s no such thing as a “quick chat”:

Awkward phone conversations took up a good chunk of your childhood:

Sleepovers only existed in movies and on TV shows:

This question remains unanswered:

Ovens were little apartments for pots and pans:

Your family thinks you’re the most beautiful thing on the Internet:

And of course, VapoRub cures everyyyything.

What else would you add to the list? Let us know and we’ll pass it on to the entire fam in a never ending email thread.

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