If Your Mom Doesn’t Do These 7 Things At The Movies She’s Not Latina

Latina moms don’t do anything basic. They add their own flair to just about everything they do. When weekend chores turn into a bachata dancing competition and casual phone calls turn into the juiciest chisme sessions, you know you’re dealing with a Latina mom. So when it comes to going to the movies, you better believe they’re going to leave their mark: providing live and unsolicited commentary during the movie, taking up an entire seat to hold their purse, taking the 3D glasses home to “reuse” and much more. These are some of the things that only Latina moms do when you take them to the movies. Now, thanks to Wendy’s Frosty Films Sweepstakes, you’ll have more opportunities to see your ‘amá in action!

For one, Latina moms don’t just watch movies; they participate in the action. It’s kind of like when they watch a soccer match.


Yeah, they actually yell at the screen….because obviously, the actors CAN hear them!

When you watch a movie with tu mami, she ends up asking you, “¿qué dijo?” every 5 seconds!


But no matter how annoyed you are, you always end up answering. <3

Latina moms show up fashionably late because, as they like to remind us, “todavía están los previews” (the previews are still on).


And they walk in like, “¡ya llegue!” (I’m here!).

And on the off chance you get there early enough to find seats, she saves one for your tía, tu primo Juan, la comadre, el compadre, y tu amiguito “el chaparrito,” with her purse, jacket, shoe…


#SorryNotSorry because there is no shame in her game!

Oh, and she never puts her phone on silent…and will check it during the movie.


Ecue me?!?!

And if there’s kissing in the movie, she reacts like it was super scandalous.

“Jesús, María y José, ¡que fea película!” (Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what a bad movie!)

Followed by…


Yup, even if you’re 25.

But when a “romance” scene comes on in her novela…


She’s ALSO like…


“Ay, ¡que romántico!” (Aw, that’s so romantic!)

But it doesn’t matter how she likes to watch movies; if anyone tries to tell your mama something at the theater, you have her back.


Because she’s fabulous!


And she knows it!!!!

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