8 Memes Only Latinos Understand

Sometimes words aren’t enough to describe the full Latino experience, so we created these memes…

Señorita Laura knows exactly how we feel when we see our ex.

GTFO of here!

That face you make when your future suegros ignore the fact you’re the significant other.

Especially after you’ve been in the picture for 9 months. Ugh!

Baleros kept us entertained for hours.

Now, kids are hypnotized by boring tablets and TV.

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The phrase basic b*tch is, well, basic compared to these memes…

You’re a cheap assembly line cheeseburger and I’m this mouth-watering torta cubana.

When you finally realize you’re better than your ex.

Because you can’t compare a fast food taco to soft tacos al pastor. Piña included.

We have delicate hearts and we want them handled like a mazapán.

Swoon ?!

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We love our avocados.

…and when it happens, we need a moment.

There’s no better way to quiet your haters.

Because the real queen will always be Selena Quintanilla ?.

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