These Hardworking Single Moms Make Christmas Miracles Happen Every Year

People often think that if you’re Latino, then you come from a giant family. And while sure, yes, that’s mostly the case, it’s not every single Latino family. Familias come in all different shapes and sizes, and each one is totally unique in their own special way. That’s what makes family so great; the fact that none of ours are identical.

Some of us may not have grown up in a house with two parents, but that doesn’t mean we missed out anything. In fact, these hardworking and incredible single mommas are making sure their kids grow up with the best Christmas traditions and memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Meet Rachel.

Rachel is mom to Presley and Maxine. She’s a photographer and a total hustler, not only going to school and working, but also taking care of her kids. Basically, she’s a total triple-threat, and every year she makes sure that Presley and Maxine have an awesome Christmas.

Christmas Cookies

Every year, Rachel makes Christmas cookies with Presley and Maxine. It’s precious time spent together, plus some yummy treats. Who doesn’t love cookies?!

School Decorations

Rachel likes to also decorate using the kids’ school projects they make. It’s a fun way for her to showcase their adorable artistic talent, and it adds some flare to the house!

Family Christmas Cards

Instead of buying generic cards, Rachel and her little fam go the extra step and make their own. Look at those cute faces! There’s a 100% chance that if you receive this Christmas card in the mail that you will be happy forever.

Time With Abuela & Abuelo

Even though Rachel’s parents are divorced, she keeps it about the family and wants Presley and Maxine to spend time with both of them during the holidays. Presley and Maxine seem to love it just as much as their grandparents do!

Seeing Christmas Lights

What’s Christmas without seeing Christmas lights? No matter how old you are, this is hands-down one of the best traditions. It’s something that as a child you remember all the way until you’re an adult. Rachel takes the kids to Grant Park in Los Angeles to see the lights and to create this special memory.

Opening Gifts

And of course, no Christmas would be complete without opening gifts. There’s nothing quite like seeing a kid light up as they unwrap a present, and it’s something that’s so special during Christmas.

Presley and Maxine are just as lucky to have Rachel as a momma as she is to have them as her kids.

Meet Ivy.

An artist who owns her own apparel business, Ivy supports herself and her 17-year-old daughter. She became a young mom at 17, and she and her daughter, Jr., are super close. They’re often mistaken for sisters! They never spend Christmas at home, but instead spend it with different families every year. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their set traditions together!

Arroz Con Leche, A Family Tradition

Even though Ivy and her daughter spend Christmas with different families, one thing always remains the same: she makes her mom’s recipe for arroz con leche. Ivy makes it all month long to get the house smelling good, and they always take it to whichever house they are visiting. Since it’s Ivy’s tradition, it’s like she’s bringing a piece of home with her wherever they go, and her daughter gets to have a complete experience.

Christmas Jammies

Now that is some serious level of coziness! No matter how old Ivy’s daughter is, they always wear their Christmas pajamas and get cozy together, watching holiday movies and enjoying the spirit of the festivities.

Holiday Concerts

This is maybe one of the coolest traditions ever. Ivy and Jr. love going to holiday concerts together…it’s totally their thing and they do it every year!

Getting A Christmas Tree

Jr. always wants a tree, so they make sure to get a real one every year! Decorating it together is one of their traditions as well, making it beautiful and unique.

Matching Outfits

These mommy-daughter outfits are too cute! Ivy and her mini me always pick out a holiday themed outfit and coordinate together. Talk about a dream photo op! Which makes sense, of course, since they always make sure to take a holiday photo together.

The sweetness is unreal!

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her kids. These two moms totally pull out all the stops and give their kids Christmas miracles every single year. If you want to give your own familia a Christmas miracle, Boost Mobile is the perfect gift for the season! You’ll definitely be a holiday hero in their eyes.

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