There’s A Reason People Are Falling In Love With This Latina From ‘The Walking Dead’

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t been keeping up with TWD please stop reading now!

Ever since we first met Rosita three seasons ago on “The Walking Dead,” fans noticed she wasn’t much of a standout character. But now, this Latina is coming into her own as the one that can save them all.

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From the very first glimpse fans got of Rosita, she seemed to be a character in the background that didn’t say much. Because of her relationship with Abraham, Rosita (played by the amazing Christian Serratos) was always in the shadow.

“The Walking Dead” comic book gives more insight on Rosita’s complicated yet quiet persona.

We learned that she’s a medical assistant traveling from Houston to D.C., and she definitely has good fighting instincts. However, while we always understood that she’s tough and very loyal to her crew, we still didn’t get a sense of what she’d bring to the storyline until much later.

Fans of Rosita knew she had a spark, but her light didn’t truly shine until Abraham broke up with her in season 6.

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It wasn’t until after this break up that viewers truly got a sense of Rosita’s pain and anger. There was so much more to Rosita, and now, free of Abraham, she revealed herself as a true fighter and someone that wasn’t going to play by the rules.

Rosita’s warrior spirit came through with a vengeance after Negan brutally killed her ex, Abraham, and Glenn at the beginning of season 7.

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Even though Abraham had moved on with Sasha, viewers could not help but sympathize with Rosita as she clearly still loved him very much. It was then, after their torturous killings, that Rosita had had enough.

While Rick (the supposed leader) bowed down to the enemy, Rosita was already planning on killing Negan.

Credit: cserratos/Tumblr

Finally, the only Latina on this show is going to get vengeance against the most hateful villain of the series. It’s so awesome to see this woman take matters into her own hands, and not give in while others in her crew seem to be all talk and no action.

So you best believe that viewers were in awe when Rosita was the first to actually point a gun at Negan and pull the trigger.

Credit: queenis/Tumblr

Powerful AF.

Even though she missed, Negan was clearly impressed. So impressed, that he didn’t kill her right then and there.

Credit: queenis/Tumblr

But like most Latinas, Rosita isn’t giving up. Not by a long shot.

In last week’s episode, we saw Rosita and Sasha taking their plan of killing Negan to the next level.

Credit: Daryl Dixon/YouTube

What makes this episode even more compelling is that Rosita FINALLY shares her story with not only the viewers but with the woman who Abraham left her for.

Rosita talks about her past, and the various relationships with men who helped shape her fighting mentality and teach her skills that women typically don’t care to know. She says that all her ex-boyfriends underestimated her, but that Abraham didn’t, which is why perhaps he left her — because she didn’t need him.

Writer Rob Bricken said that it was at this very moment that “Rosita has reframed things so we see how her character was informed by Abraham, as opposed to existing solely as his supporting player.”

We’re not sure how things will play out, or if she’ll be able to kill Negan, but we applaud Rosita’s bravery.

Rosita won’t stop until she gets her revenge on tonight’s #TWD.

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We can’t wait until this week’s episode!!

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America Ferrera’s “Superstore” Is Going To Get A Spanish-Language Adaptation In A Win For Inclusion


America Ferrera’s “Superstore” Is Going To Get A Spanish-Language Adaptation In A Win For Inclusion

Fans of the hit NBC comedy Superstore may have been disappointed when it was announced that the series would be cancelled after its sixth season, but there’s good news! The series is going to get a Spanish-language version for international audiences and it will be part of a major expansion for the series. 

The show was well-known for tackling important social issues, particularly around immigration. And a Spanish-language adaptation, particularly one produced out of Mexico, will undoubtedly present an equally interesting take on immigration.

NBC comedy Superstore is getting a Spanish-language adaptation.

Although Superstore is coming to an end on NBC, and will no longer feature America Ferrera, fans of the hit series should celebrate that it’s getting a Spanish-language redo. The show, which focused on the lives of employees at a fictional big box store called Cloud 9 in Missouri, premiered in 2015 and ran for six seasons, with its sixth season set to end on March 25.

“Superstore is a bold workplace comedy with a beating heart, known for its courage to tackle important societal issues,” said Enrique Guillen, executive VP of commercial strategy and international development for Universal Studio Group. “We are grateful to partner with Dopamine to adapt Justin Spitzer’s acclaimed comedy and one of Universal Television’s biggest success stories. This pact to co-produce our valuable IP in a foreign language is the first of many such deals to come.”

The new adaptation is being made under the working title Supertitlan and has received an 48-episode order and will be adapted in Spanish for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. 

Superstore has remained one of the most popular shows at NBC in its prime. As Variety points out, the Justin Spitzer-created comedy drew in 37 million viewers during its Season 5 run from 2019 to 2020.

And it’s getting a major expansion.

 The Spanish-language adaptation already has a season one order of 48 episodes with each episode coming in at an hour long. For a series that originally consisted of 20 episodes of 30 minutes, that’s a major expansion for the show. For fans of the show, that’s a whole lot more Superstore to look forward to.

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Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix


Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix

Nostalgia has a way of taking us right back to who we were when we saw and heard some of our favorite things. “Rebelde” is definitely one of the top nostalgic moments in most Latino childhoods. Well, get ready because Netflix is bringing “Rebelde” back so you can dive back into the stories that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

“Rebelde” is coming back and this is definitely not a drill.

After years of being off the air, the historic and iconic show “Rebelde” is back and people cannot wait. The original cast has been good at keeping our love for them alive as they toured and created music. Most recently, RBD, the surviving band of original Rebelde members, dropped a new single to make the pandemic a little more tolerable.

We already know who is reprising their role in the reboot.

Celina Ferrer, played by Estefanía Villarreal, is coming back as the principal of the school. The official announcement letter was signed by the Elite Way School alumna.

“EWS is renowned for the excellence of its illustrious student body, young people ready to dazzle the world. In these halls, we have shaped icons who have gone on to entertain millions with their talent, and our classrooms have turned students into stars, ready for the big stage,” reads the letter. “Today, our Board of Directors is proud to present the next generation of young people who will become part of our prestigious institution in the upcoming 2022 school year. We welcome our future students Azul Guatia, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jeronimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lixeth Selene, Alejandro Puente, and Giovanna Grigio, who have been selected from an impressive list of applicants. The new students will start wearing the EWS uniform during orientation, which will start on March 1 of this year, thus preparing themselves for the upcoming 2022 school year at this institution, always committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow.”

Here’s a quick look at the new class.

Azul Guaita

Guaita is best known for her impressive TikTok account. She also starred in telenovelas ‘Mi marrido tiene familia” and “Soltero con hijas.” The 19-year-old Mexican actress has garnered more than 2 million followers on TikTok.

Sergio Mayer Mori

Mayer Mori is son of Mexican actor and producer Sergio Mayer and Uruguayan-born Mexican actress, model, producer and writer Bárbara Mori Ochoa. The young actor was in “Un padre no tan padre” in 2016.

Andrea Chaparro

Andrea is the daughter of famed Mexican actor Omar Chapparo. Hopefully the actress brings her unapologetic grunge vibes to the set in her role.

Jeronimo Cantillo

Cantillo is best known for his role in Verdad Oculta and Los Morales as well as his reggaeton music. The actor is bringing his award nominated acting chops and musical stylings to the highly anticipated Netflix reboot.

Franco Masini

Masini is one of the biggest names attached to the new “Rebelde” reboot. With several projects under his belt and more than 1 million Instagram followers, Masini is definitely bringing a large following to the Netflix show.

Lizeth Selene

Selene has made a name for herself as a musician and model. It is pretty impressive that her first acting job is going to be as part of the newest Rebelde class.

Alejandro Puente

Puente is an actor, writer, and director with a lot of success in Mexico. He is best known for his role as Todd Anderson in the Mexican stage adaptation of “Dead Poets Society.” He also stars in “El Club,” a crime drama television show in Mexico.

Giovanna Grigio

Grigio comes to the Elite Way School with 6 million Instagram followers and a lot of experience. The Brazilian actress has starred in several television shows and movies and will definitely bring some strong talent to the show.

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