This Has To Be The Most Nonchalant Bat Catch In Baseball History

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If you watch baseball often, you’ve seen it hundreds of times…

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… a batter takes a hard swing at a pitch, misses the ball and loses grip of his bat, sending it flying into the stands.

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Sometimes, the bat will fly into the dugout, sending coaches and players scattering.

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Earlier this week, during a spring training game between the Miami Marlins and New York Mets, Adeiny Hechavarria lost control of his bat.

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The bat flew into the Mets’ dugout, and of course one player ran for his life.

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But Luis Guillorme, a 22-year-old shortstop, had a different idea. Known for his defensive prowess on the diamond, the Venezolano showed his hands are just as reliable in the dugout — without the help of a glove.

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Guillorme, a minor league prospect looking to impress his coaches, made it pretty clear he’s cool under pressure.

Then he just casually tossed the bat back on the field like he was used to it.

Credit: Sportsnet NY

Guillorme told MLB.com: “I just literally saw the bat coming at me and caught it. Didn’t think much of it.”

Well done, Mr. Guillorme, well done.

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Daddy Yankee's New Zumba Song 'Hula Hoop' Is Definitely Not For Children


Daddy Yankee’s New Zumba Song ‘Hula Hoop’ Is Definitely Not For Children


If you’ve been trying to find a way to combine your two favorite things (getting fit and breaking it all the way down), peep this banger from the Puerto Rican reggaetón superstar, Mr. Gasolina himself, Daddy Yankee! According to Billboard, Daddy Yankee has partnered with Zumba to create the song “Hula Hoop” for use in their classes.

The bass-heavy reggaetón track has a lyric video featuring flashing neon hula hoops and classic Zumba moves .


It’s got everything you’d expect from a Daddy Yankee Zumba video: hip shaking, hand-punching, lasers and a packed VIP section. What else do you need to work out and feel like you’re getting your life together? Yasss!

The video even shows you how to do the exercise on beat with a dancing cursor.


Rómpele! Rómpele! Rómpele! I know, it sounds a little repetitive, but believe me, you’ll feel the burn in no time.

It’s really a workout video in a sultry disguise. If you follow along, you’ll have a sick core in just a few short weeks.


Anyone out there breaking a sweat yet? One and two. Come on now. Three and four. You can do it!

Check the full video below and see if you can learn the lyrics and do the moves.


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Is combining Zumba and reggaetón the perfect way to get people to exercise? Tag a friend who would totally work out with you to this song below! 

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