Marvel Just Announced Who Will Play The Role Of Molly Hernandez In Upcoming “Runaways” Series

Last year, Marvel announced they were bringing a live-action version of Brian K. Vaughn’s “Runaways” comic book series to Hulu. Fans were excited, but one piece of the puzzle was still missing: which characters would make the cut?

This week, Marvel and Hulu finally spilled the beans on the characters and the actors who will play them.


According to Marvel, Rhenzy Feliz will play Alex Wilder, “a loud-and-proud nerd.” Lyrica Okano plays Nico Minoru, the model of toughness, independence, and gothness. Virginia Gardner will be Karolina Dean, the seemingly perfect girl, but deeply conflicted. And Gregg Sulkin will try his hand at portraying the brilliant Chase Stein.

But the best news is that Ariela Barer will play Gert Yorkes.


Gert Yorkes is endowed with some low-key telepathy, and her parents are accomplished time travelers. The official Marvel page describes her as the “contemporary riot grrrl” of the group.

You may recognize Barer from her role as Carmen on “One Day At A Time.”

Ariela Barer has also appeared in “Weeds”, “Modern Family” and has done voice work on “Yo Gabba Gabba!”

But that’s not all. Molly Hernandez (Molly Hayes as she’s known in the comics) will be played by Allegra Acosta.


The official Marvel website describes Molly Hernandez as “the youngest and most innocent member of her friend group, [known] for her peppy positivity and a deep yearning to belong.” In the comics, Molly is about 11 years old and endowed with superhuman strength. One other difference between the comic and the live-action series: Acosta‘s IMDB lists her age as 14 years old IRL.

No official reason has been given for why Molly’s last name was changed to Hernandez.


Also unknown, Wired points out, is whether or not Molly Hernandez’s backstory will be updated to reflect the name change.

This won’t be Acosta’s first role, but it’s arguably her biggest role yet.

Acosta’s career has slowly been on the rise over the last few years, with supporting roles in “100 Things To Do Before High School“, “Just Add Magic” and Gabriel Cowan’s short film “Los“.

No date has yet been given for the premiere of “Runaways” on Hulu, but we’re excited.

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