Online Users Are Rallying Behind A First Grade Who Wrote the Most Tearjerking Response

Ruth Espiricueta / Facebook

The tradition of children writing a letter to Santa Claus for Christmas, for most of us, brings back memories of beloved toys, bicycles, and even family pets. In a recent post on Facebook, a teacher reminds us that not everyone has wish lists that are so untroubled.

Ruth Espiricueta posted the letter written by a student in her class who asked Santa for food and blankets for Christmas.

CREDIT: Ruth Espiricueta / Facebook

The first grade teacher at Monte Cristo Elementary School in Edinburg, Texas, had given her students a lesson about wanting versus needing. After the lesson she instructed her students to write a letter to Santa Claus asking for something that fulfilled both. After class, Espircueta reviewed the letters and was struck by one written by a 7-year-old girl in her class. In her her note, the student wrote: “I have [been] good this day. This Christmas I would like a ball and a food. I need a blanket.”

According to People, the little girl’s mother, Maria Isabel Cortez, told KRGV that her daughter had requested the ball as a gift for her brother.

“She wrote the card thinking about her brother. She said she wanted the ball to play with him, food to have food at the house, and a blanket because the house is too cold,” Cortez said.

According to the 2016 U.S. Census, nearly twenty-two percent of children in Texas live in poverty.

The teacher’s student wasn’t alone in her request for similar basic needs.

“Unfortunately, there are other students that as part of their needs they included food, towels, blankets, pillows, bed, clothes, shoes, and a stove,” Espiricueta told ABC News. “Some of my students were not even excited about Christmas because they know that their parents cannot afford to buy a Christmas tree or gifts for them.”

Saddened to see a student of hers go hungry, Espiricueta shared the letter to her Facebook page last week in hopes that others would help her students and their families. With the post came an outpour of donation offers addressed to the little girl and the students at her school.

In response to the letter, the school started a donation drive.

Thank you to everyone that has been donating to our school. Our students will be able to stay warm during these cold…

Posted by Ruth Espiricueta on Friday, December 15, 2017

They had a goal of collecting 724 blankets to distribute to students. In a message posted to her Facebook account over the weekend the school teacher thanked donators for helping the school exceed their initial goal.

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Four of the seven DREAMers previously reported by mitú to be taking part in a hunger strike for a clean Dream Act headed into their fifth day of fasting on Tuesday. While they remained in their protest, on Tuesday afternoon, organizers confirmed that the other three protestors would be released that evening and put an end to their hunger strike to pursue further action.

The three #Dream7 planned to confront Senator Schumer after being released from jail Tuesday.

CREDIT: Erika Andiola / Facebook

According to a post from one of the protestor’s official page, the three members of #Dream7 being released from jail will leave and immediately go and confront Senator Chuck Schumer over the fate of the federal funding bill set to pass this Friday. In early November, Schumer asserted that the Democratic Party would push for a clean Dream Act in the government’s end of year spending bill.

The protestors are demanding public confirmation of a clean Dream Act.

On Friday of last week, the seven DREAMers walked into the D.C. offices of Senator Schumer and Rep. Carlos Curbelo to demand that that they publicly verify they had gathered enough votes to block a spending bill that wasn’t attached to a clean Dream Act. By including a clean Dream Act in the federal spending budget, Schumer and Curbelo would be securing the protection of undocumented youth while dodging the weight of an attached plan for border security funding.

Time is ticking against DREAMers as the window of opportunity quickly approaches a close.

The likelihood of achieving a clean DREAM Act is slowly dwindling as the end of the year approaches, and with each passing day 122 people lose their DACA protection. As of now, congress’ inaction puts 700,000 immigrants in danger of deportation.

The #Dream7 have been using their time in jail to push for legislation that would provide 2 million immigrants in the country a path to citizenship before the government’s Dec. 22 deadline.

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