Watch The Dominican Republic’s Baseball Squad Explain Why They Have So Much Fun Together

Credit: The Player’s Tribune / YouTube

“We’ve done this since we were kids.”

The World Baseball Classic, an international tournament that brings together talented peloteros from countries such as Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico and Japan, kicked off earlier this week. In a video released on The Player’s Tribune, the Dominican Republic’s baseball squad revealed they have a secret weapon to help them win games, and hopefully, the championship. No, it’s not any of the many MLB stars on its roster, which includes Adrian Beltre, Jose Bautista and Hanley Ramirez. It’s a lucky plantain. Why? The plantain, a staple of Dominican cuisine, is a symbol that reminds them of their upbringing and who they’re representing at the WBC.

In the video, New York Yankees pitcher Dellin Betances explains his team is rallying around a platano thanks to fellow pitcher Fernando Rodney, who first pulled the plantain out at the 2013 WBC.

Credit: MLB.com

Somehow, Rodney kept a straight face the whole time.

At this year’s WBC, in the DR team’s first game, Rodney pulled out a bigger plantain and drove the crowd wild.

It looks like it’s spray-painted gold, too. Nice.

The Player’s Tribune also created a gallery featuring photos from the Dominican team’s workouts. Check them out here.

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