The Chargers Had The Most Latino Sunday Ever, You Need To Know About It

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???? for the 56-yard return!

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Over the last 30 years, Hispanic Heritage Month has gone from being a mere formality to become one of our favorite times of the year. This past Sunday, the L.A. Chargers set a new standard on how we want this month to be honored with their “Feel The Orgullo” (Feel The Pride) celebration.

The L.A. Chargers met the San Francisco 49ers for the most extra game of the season. Fans from all over the state and the country met at the StubHub center to cheer for their teams and also to honor Latinx’s positive impact on the game, the city, the state of California and the entire country.

If you were not able to be there and you just watched the game on TV, you missed quite a lot. But do not worry, we were there and we are sharing our amazing experience with you.

Let’s begin with the tailgating. It has always been one of the best parts of any game. And since latinos started doing it, we took it to a whole new level. This past weekend, the smell of carne asada, the mouthwatering micheladas and the music of Banda El Coronel were giving everyone just what they needed to prep for the game.

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Then to make you all get goosebumps and cry for a bit, José Hernández and his Mariachi Sol de México brought the house down when they performed the National Anthem. Yes, just like they did two years ago for a Dodger game and again, it was such a special moment that proved how much we are part of this country and how much this country is part of us.

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Chargers game today… Thankyou to the Spanos Family.#mariachisoldemexicodejosehernandez #chargers

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Oh yes, they also did the “Charge” song:

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Doing the Charge song!! Funnnnn#mariachisoldemexicodejosehernandez

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The LA Chargers invited some of the most influential Latino figures in L.A. to celebrate and honor them. Among them, Rocky Delgadillo, the first Latino to be elected for public office in Los Angeles in over 100 years. Dr. Beatriz Solís, the director of The California Endowment who was there to honor our beloved Homeboy Industries and all the work they do to help the people of the City of Los Angeles.

But if what really interests you are the stadium munchies, my friends, this was the best game ever. Tacos, micheladas, churros! You name it, they had it.

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Tacos and football on a Sunday ???? ???? Today sure is a fun day. ????: @chanchostacos

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Then it was time for the halftime show and the Chargers went all in inviting Sofia Carson to perform along with R3HAB her new single “Rumors”. Sofia is one of the most influential Latino figures in pop culture. Her role in Disney’s Descendants as Evie has turned her into a worldwide celebrity and here she was at the stadium to celebrate her heritage. Joining her were also the dancers from the Gabriella Foundation.

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Who is this Gabriella you ask? Well, the Gabriella Foundation is a White House Honoree and it is a program that transforms kid’s ives through dancing. 85% of the kids in the program come form low-income homes and 70% from homes where English is not a first language. This programs gives this young kids the opportunity to freely express themselves through art and they are amazing.

We still have some days left to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, be sure to throw a fiesta like the L.A. Chargers did. This is the perfect excuse to celebrate our role in this country and the amazing community we represent.

Thank you to the L.A. Chargers for making us feel so special, we are very proud of being your fans!

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