The 8 Things You Get Asked Every Year At Christmas Dinner

The holidays are such a fun time to come together with your familia. Everyone’s lives are so chaotic and busy that it’s always nice to gather your loved ones around and celebrate Christmas while nibbling on some delicious buñuelos.

While it’s nice to catch up with everyone, let’s get real for a second: Christmas dinner is a prime place for your tía to pry into your business, or your abuela to ask you a question in front of the whole family. While sure, it’s easy to want to roll your eyes, you can’t help but laugh about it. Because if we’re being completely honest, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be during the holidays than around a dinner table, dodging questions from your hilarious fam.

Without further ado, here are 8 things you get asked literally every year at Christmas dinner.

1. “Did you say hello to your tía, tío and primas when you walked in?”


Your mom feels that it’s her constant duty to check and make sure you greeted every family member upon walking into the house. Not only do you have to say “hi” but you have to actually give them besos, even though you aren’t four years old anymore. Cool.

2. “Mija, why aren’t you eating more? What, you don’t like food?”


No matter how many times you tell your papi that, in fact, you love food, he’s always going to ask why you aren’t eating. You could literally be taking a fork to your mouth and he would still be like, “Are you sure you’re not hungry?!”

3. “When are you going to date someone worthy of you?”


Ahhh, yes! The classic question about dating and when you’re going to find someone who is “worthy of you.” Goodness knows you’ll never date the person that your familia thinks is good enough for you. You know they’re just looking out, but seriously? This question again?

4. “What is the latest chisme at work?”


If there’s one thing Latinx families love, it’s gossip. And they expect to be filled in on everything happening in your life at dinner, so you better be ready to dish. At this point, you know to come with a few juicy stories to get your tías off your back.

5. “Did you sleep last night or did the El Cuco get you?”

Seriously? Even though you’re an adult, your familia still talks about the El Cuco as if it’s going to come get you the minute you shut your eyes. Which, you’re totally not scared about. Nope, no way. Because that’d be crazy…right?

6. “Are you caught up on the latest episode of (insert literally any telenovela here)?”

Ahhhh, yes. How could the topic of telenovelas ever be avoided at Christmas dinner? If you show up without having caught up on abuelita’s stories, then it’s your fault when you get everything spoiled. You know everyone is going to be chatting and asking questions about it so you’ve got to stay caught up!

7. “You can’t depend on your looks forever. What are you going to do with your life, mija?”

A question from your mother, father, abuela, abuelo, tía, tío…the list goes on and on. Even if you had your life completely figured out, they would still ask this question.

8. “Did you reach out to the son of the lady who works with my dentist’s daughter’s best friend? When are you going to meet him?”

The matchmaker question! You can expect this every single Christmas, without fail. And, it’s always someone that your tía knows through someone else….you need a flowchart to follow the connections here.

Even though your family can be loud and crazy and ask the same questions every single holiday dinner, you don’t mind it at the end of the day. And sure, yes, you have to dodge all of these uncomfortable questions. But by now, you’re a pro. And you know the best way to prove that you’re still the MVP of the party is to surprise them with a dope gift…like Boost Mobile. It’s the perfect gift of the season, and a great distraction from all the crazy questions.

Even though your fam is a wild bunch, they’re your wild bunch. And that’s what matters.

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