The #1 City Undocumented Immigrants Should Avoid

For undocumented immigrants, Atlanta is hardly the free land they hoped they’d find. Last year Atlanta courts issued removal orders in 88% of cases – that’s far higher than the 69% national average, earning them the ‘most likely to deport’ award.

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According to the Huffington Post, “Atlanta immigration judges have been accused of bullying children, badgering domestic violence victims and setting standards for relief and asylum that lawyers say are next to impossible to meet.” Operation Border Guardian detained 336 undocumented people, 127 of which were in Atlanta. Most of these detainees were unaccompanied Central American teenagers.

Those who came as children of undocumented immigrants and did get to stay still have a rough road ahead. Colleges in Georgia don’t grant in-state tuition to students who were brought to the US illegally as children, grew up in-state or now have semi-permanent permission to stay under DACA. Georgia University and Perimeter College also require such students to pay hefty out-of-state tuition (well over twice the price) because, ya know, children of undocumented immigrants are usually wealthy. The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of effected students at Perimeter college and the media has created pressure for them to change the policy.

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