How To Enjoy Your Summer With Just 50¢

50¢ might not seem like a lot, but you wouldn’t believe all the things you can indulge in with two quarters! You just have to think a little creatively. Plus, for a limited time you can snag yourself a delicious Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty®. You simply can’t beat that deal this Summer!

1. 0.0000005% of a plane ticket to Cancún.


Maybe somebody can sneak you aboard in their carry-on? As long as you get there, right…

2. An inflatable pool toy shaped like an aguacate that may or may not have a gaping hole in it.

It might be a shady pool float if it just costs some change, but is it worth it to float on top of a delicious avo? Yes.

3. A delicious smelling car air freshener for those long summer road trips.


Mmm. Smells like Saturday morning when your mom would make you clean everything. Treat yourself and enjoy the fragrance!

4. A very, very, very, very small part of a swimsuit.


You won’t be able to get an entire swimsuit, but you’ll be able to at least get one or two threads from one!

5. A bag of ice that you can put all over yourself because you don’t have air conditioning.


Who needs AC when you can run down to the local corner store and buy some ice-cubes? It’s good for the environment and you’ll cool down. Talk about energy efficient!

6. 1 / 237th of a theme park ticket.


You can at least watch from the outside! That’s…fun, right?

7. Just the ball for mini golf.


Mini golf is a staple summer activity. While 50¢ won’t get you into a mini golf course, it will at least get you the golf ball!

8. A hand fan for the heat.


You’ll feel fancy and your 50¢ will be put to good use.

9. A piñata that may or may not be missing a leg.


Sure, a piñata that costs less than a dollar probably won’t be great, but you’ll still be able to hit it! Treats sold separately though…

All of these things are super great, but the best summer indulgence of all? A Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty®. There’s no better way to cool off. And that deal, though…

Small size Frosty offer at participating U.S. Wendy’s®, for a limited time. Price and participation may vary in AK and HI. © 2018 Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC.

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