The Caviar In This Taco Alone Costs More Than Most People Make In A Year

If you’re like most people, you probably have an extra $25,000 laying around the house. You could use that money to put a down payment on something like a Lambo, buy hundreds of egg incubators on “Pokemon Go,” or burn it in your oversized fireplace to keep you warm on a cool evening.

If you have $25,000, you can spend it on the world’s most expensive taco.


Impressive, right?

Just kidding, this is actually the $25,000 taco:

Created by Chef Juan Licerio, the world’s most expensive taco comes with an array of decadent toppings fit for a king. For starters, the tortilla itself is made with flakes of 24-karat gold. And that’s just the start. As Neatorama reports, the taco comes with several choices cuts of meat: Kobe beef and Norwegian lobster. It also stuffed with black truffle brie cheese, Almas Beluga caviar — the world’s most expensive caviar — and it is served with morita chile salsa and civet coffee.

The taco is currently only available at the Grand Velas Los Cabos hotel in Mexico.

Chef Juan Licerio knows there are cheaper tacos available, but he stands behind his creation.

“People are excited and a little surprised about how you can eat a taco for $25,000,” Chef Licerio said in an interview, “when you can find one on the street for 10 pesos.”

But if you can’t make the trip, and you can’t get $25,000 from your couch cushions, there are actually “gourmet tacos” that won’t set you back the price of a BMW.

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If you’re in Los Angeles, you can try tacos with high-end ingredients at Guerrilla Tacos, and you won’t have to take out a loan for ’em.

Or if you get a little drunk, any taco in the world is the most delicious taco in the world, regardless of price.

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Burger King Goes Nationwide With Their $1 Tacos And A Lot Of People Have Questions For The Fast Food Chain


Burger King Goes Nationwide With Their $1 Tacos And A Lot Of People Have Questions For The Fast Food Chain

If you want a real Mexican taco, you don’t go to Taco Bell.

But if you want a reliably tasty American-style hard-shell fast-food taco, you go to Taco Bell.

So when we heard that Burger King was bringing back its tacos, we naturally wondered how they compared with Taco Bell’s tacos. At $1, Burger King’s Crispy Tacos have the potential to pose a threat to Taco Bell’s Crunchy Tacos, which are $1.49.

But turns out Taco Bell has nothing to worry about.

Burger King announced the nationwide launch of their $1 taco on Wednesday.

Credit[ @BurgerKing / Twitter

Yup, Burger King is being weird again. However, unlike when it tweeted cryptic messages and unleashed alarmingly colorful burgers, this is the supposedly good kind of weird. The Whopper slinger announced that it’s adding a taco to its nationwide menu. Yes, a taco… at Burger King.

No, this isn’t some weird IHOP nonsense where Burger King is going to show you a burger and call it a taco. The Crispy Taco is hitting BK menus nationwide for just $1, and you can get it now (it will cost a little more in Hawaii and Alaska). The menu item features seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce, all encased in a crispy tortilla shell.

And the reviews of this supposed taco are already rolling in.

Credit: @GrubGrade / Twitter

With one reviewer saying: “I’d like to believe I’m not picky about my fast food choices. I didn’t go to Burger King with grand expectations on what a $1 taco would taste like. I expected seasoned ground beef, a crispy shell that wasn’t filled quite right but had a reasonable enough meat-to-tortilla ratio, some identifiable cheese, taco sauce, and lettuce. That’s what was advertised, at least. What I got was a bizarre, sludgy, half-filled taco with translucent chunks of lettuce spilling out. The ground meat mixture was so overly processed that biting into it felt like eating a meat paste —  like a wet, uncooked sausage without the casing. It’s perplexing because BK could easily use leftover ground beef from their burgers, hit it with some taco seasoning, and stuff it into their tacos. It makes me curious about what I’m actually biting into — unless it is burger meat that’s been blended beyond recognition.”

Yea, that doesn’t sound great.

Some of the reviews are down right savage…

Credit: @thanqoui07 / Twitter

Like this one that called out the taco filling for how it looked – like canned dog food. I don’t think that’s the look that Burger King was going for.

I mean the tacos are so bad people are like mad confused.

Credit: @Frodocatsmom / Twitter

Though as this Twitter user pointed out, maybe they just missed the mark because it wasn’t #TacoTuesday…?

Even people on Snapchat were sharing their Burger King taco horror stories.

And yea, if I got a taco like that, I’d be making that exact same face and probably a lot worse.

People seriously took to Burger King’s original tweet just to tell them how gross their tacos really were.

Credit: @Senai41366820 / Twitter

You know things are bad when people who don’t even use social media take to social media to come for a brand…in this case…Burger King.

Many urged the burger chain to stick to what they already do – burgers!

Credit: @PABUrAmazin / Twitter

There are all sorts of brands these days wanting to capitalize on Latino culture, including our food. In fact, several major fast food chains already offer rough versions of traditional Mexican classics (looking at you Jack In The Box). So it’s not too surprising that now the classic burger chain, Burger King, is getting in on the action.

While others pointed out the obvious…

Credit: @arkasiaaaa / Twitter

The obvious being that you kind of deserve a bad taco if you’re going to Burger King expecting a good one.

Even if they’ve tried the tacos, people are still wondering what they just saw.

Credit: @2KEY2TIMEZ / Twitter

People are not having it.

Considering that Burger King briefly rolled out a similar beef taco nine years ago, this menu item might also have a certain nostalgia factor for some customers. And if the tacos are a big hit, perhaps Burger King will consider bringing more bringing back more oddball junk foods from years past. (Hopefully, the Whopperito will stay locked safely in the vault.)

The dollar tacos are landing on menus nationwide starting this week for an unspecified limited time.

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Things Latino Parents Do When You’re Out Late


Things Latino Parents Do When You’re Out Late

Latino parents are the best! They take care of you when you’re sick, love you unconditionally, and will pick up some Jack In The Box whenever you want. But when it comes to staying out late, they can be strict (to say the least). Once you pass your curfew, even if it’s just by a minute, they come at you with the, “te mandas solo,” “eres un vago” or my personal favorite, “vas a ver cuando llegues a la casa.” They are definitely not about that callejero life. Here are 7 things Latino parents do that are all too real.

1. They send you a seemingly innocent text.

When your mom or your dad send you something like, “¿ya casi llegas?”, it’s your cue to bounce. If you don’t, be warned, if their rage hasn’t started brewing, it will.

2. They watch telenovela reruns and enjoy snacks while they wait.

Sure, they might be enjoying Sauced & Loaded Fries from Jack In The Box while watching their fave novela, but don’t think for a second that they’re too busy to watch the door attentively.

Because they WILL wait for you to get home. As.???????? Long. ???????? As. ???????? It. ???????? Takes.

3. If you’re still not home, they call you a million times. No. Joke.

I mean, there’s only so much novela drama they can take before they start to crave it. It’s like, the drama takes over their body. And it usually goes down something like this:

They call you once. You don’t answer.

They call you twice… You still don’t answer.

That’s when things get cray, their sass comes out…

…and they get extra.

4. They send ​the ​warning text.

If you still don’t answer…they start getting ready! First, they send you a warning text.

Trust me, once you get this text, there’s no going back–you won’t hear the end of it!

Then, they gather their army of minions.

5. They practice ​the ​speech.

Oh you thought the regañada was just improvised? Nope, your parents have been finessing their speech for years! Why do you think it’s so perfect?

When you do get home, they start off with the full-blown works: “¿qué son estas horas de llegar?”, “¿dónde andabas?”, “¿con quién andabas?”. Then they remind you of the house rules, layer on the guilt, add a whole lot of drama, and just in case, they top it off with an extra serving of guilt. Finally, they end with the biggest philosophical question of the century…

6. They wait up for you…in the most terrifying way. ????

You walk up to your front door, everything seems chill: the lights are off, you don’t hear a sound, and the entire house is very still. You think to yourself, “chingón, they’re asleep!” But, is it too good to be true? Is there such a thing as too quiet? Just when you were about to do your silent victory dance, you see a​ ​shadow…it’s your mom looking straight at you with a piercing look.

7. You know what comes next…

Sorry my friend, that was just the beginning–the calm before the storm. I won’t get into the deets of what comes next because things get messy and I’m not about that life. But if you must know, here’s a preview…

La regañada is an intricate and complex process that can take hours, and since you’re already late, you may as well stop at Jack In The Box and load up on Sauced & Loaded Fries!

Like and share if your parents do this when you stay out late!

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