Why It’s Never Too Late To Pursue An Education

Have you ever thought, “Wow, it would be sooo cool if I could (insert your awesome dream here)”? Well, you can! This might sound cliché, but really, dream BIG! It might seem daunting and unattainable at first, but once you break it down, it’s really not! Start working towards your dreams by making a positive switch in your life and block out any negative thoughts. You can do it! Now, just start believing it.

Ok, enough of all that sappy kumbaya stuff, things are about to get real. Achieving a dream can be scary: there will be a few (or a lot) of ups and downs, it’ll be hard, and there will be some setbacks. Take the first step anyway because it’ll also be exciting, rewarding and life-changing AF.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, a little nudge (or a big nudge) and some inspiration, here it is! Read these inspiring stories of 4 Latinos that took a step to boost their dreams and went back to school—despite all odds—because they chose to dream big and went for it!

Monica Santillan

“I was an office manager at a Chiropractic office and raising a family. My plans were always to go back to school once my children were grown, or at least graduated from high school. My motivation is my family – especially my children. But, it was extremely difficult to go back to school after so many years. You have to juggle everything, like work, family and other commitments, and I found your brain doesn’t function as well as it does when you’re younger. You have to work extra hard to retain and remember information. But I persevered, got my degree, and now I am working as an ABA therapist (Applied Behavior Analysis) for children with disabilities and autism. I get to make a positive impact in the lives of the families and children I help. And I’m not done! My plan is to get my license to become a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to help more children with disabilities.”

Oscar Andrade

“Before I went back to school I was a dishwasher at a chain restaurant. But I felt lost, and like I wasn’t using my potential or taking advantage of the sacrifices my parents made for me to have more educational opportunities. Also, I wanted to be a good example for my younger brother and sister. So I attended classes while working full-time and it was really hard, but a few years later I had my degree! Now I’m a Customer Development Manager for a national corporation and I’m still going. I studied even more and recently acquired my real estate license, and plan to fund my own business one day. Now I feel like I have something to work for, something I can build and really give back to Latinos like me. The bigger the vision, the harder the work, and the bigger the reward in helping people. I feel like I have a purpose!”

Briana Garcia-Duquette

“I was working as a cocktail waitress before I went back to school. I decided to return to school in order to pursue a career that I was extremely passionate about. Going back in my late twenties after having had to struggle to support myself and my daughter made me appreciate the education I was receiving in a way I didn’t when I was younger. I am now a professional makeup artist working on set for TV, commercials, and film. It is amazing to be paid to do what I love which is to create and make art. As a makeup artist I am treated with value and respect for my knowledge and experience. I hope to inspire my daughter to follow her interests and passions and to constantly strive to exceed her goals.”

Annette Trujillo

“I was working as an AVID for a middle school and high school, and talking to different professors and teachers really motivated me to want go back to school. I studied Chicana/o Studies which was something I had always really wanted to study. Going back for me was difficult. It was hard to readjust to school life. I think because I was older I expected a lot more from myself, which added more stress and anxiety to the whole process. It took me six years to finish, but I did it. Now I am working at an after school program teaching Spanish to elementary students and it really brings me satisfaction being able to promote the Spanish language in school and helping people in the Latino community.”

Feeling inspired? Good! Making a positive switch in your life can be the scariest and most exciting feeling, but there’s no doubt that it’s worth it! And these stories are proof of that. You can’t just wait for shit to happen because it. Never. Will. Don’t be discouraged, it’s never too late…get pumped—jump up and down if you need to, but start making a plan to achieve your dreams. Go for it and make it happen!

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