Central American Refugee Children Were Coming To The U.S. Legally, But Trump’s Executive Order Ended That


Last week President Trump signed the executive order barring refugee entrance into the U.S. for 120 days. As confusion descended and swept across airports and borders, one thing remained certain: time is not a luxury refugees can afford. Those who know this best are the heavily vetted children participating in the Central American Minors Program, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Many of these children have fled from brutal conditions in places like Guatemala or Honduras. They have gone through what Wendy Young of Kids in Need of Defense describes “extensive security vetting.” And though they have met the requirements necessary for legal entrance into the United States, now they wait for the Department of Homeland Security to decide their fate. If you want to learn more about the Central American Minors Program and the children who are now affected, please check out the Los Angeles Times’ story.

[VIA] Los Angeles Times: Also barred by Trump’s executive order: These heavily vetted kids from Central America

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