A Gang Member from San Diego and a Punk from TJ are the Creators of ‘Cholo Goth’

If your parents ever worried about you listening to “devil worshipper music” or warned you about hanging out with cholos, listen to the band Prayers when they’re not around. Why?

THIS is Prayers:


What’s SD Killwave?

This is all you need to know: it’s Cholo Goth.

Credit: Prayers SD / YouTube

Prayers create songs about heartbreak, violence and surviving life on the streets over ’80s-inspired electronic beats. And it WORKS.

Singer Leafar Seyer is a member of one of San Diego’s oldest gangs.

But wait, Seyer also considers himself a “Goth kid.”

So why doesn’t Seyer do gangsta rap?

In 2013, he formed Prayers with Dave Parley.

It became their debut album, SD Killwave.

Credit: Prayers SD / YouTube

That’s a clip from the track “Ready to Bleed.” So what makes these dudes get along so well?

They’re both Mexican immigrants.

And they don’t drink or do drugs.

After dropping an EP called Gothic Summer last year, Prayers are back with a new album.

Credit: Noisey / YouTube

Here’s the music video for the title track “Young Gods.” It’s like a Cholo Goth version of Michael Jackson’s video for “Beat It” –with actual gang members.

Yes, those dudes are throwing real madrazos.

So what’s their mission? To flip stereotypes on their head.