13 Photos of Capirotada That’ll Get You Ready for Semana Santa

When Lent hits, most people give up stuff like junk food, alcohol or sex. But there’s one thing you can’t say no to: CAPIROTADA.

It’s capirotada time and we are all like:

1. This Mouth-watering Capirotada

2. This Cheesy Pecan-filled Capirotada

3. This Capirotada That’s so Good, Someone Had to Make Three

4. This Sweet Capirotada with Melty Cheese

5. This Picture Perfect Capirotada

6. This Deep Dish Capirotada with Dried Fruit

7. This Capirotada That is Completely Bananas

8. This Capirotada Buried Under Shaved Coconut

9. This Capirotada with Sprinkles


10. This Capirotada That is Nuts

11. This Capirotada That’s Ready to Go

12. This Nicely Browned Capirotada with Raisins and Nuts

13. This Capirotada That Has a Little of Everything