Nobody Does Selfies Like Latinos, and Here Is The Proof

Being Latinos, it’s no secret that we know how to bring the fun, that we love our familias more than anything, and good food is vital to survival. But one of the best parts about being Latino is also owning how extra we are, and how we can take dang good pictures of ourselves.

Which is a good thing, since you know what will still be around for years and years? Selfies. On the internet. A selfie can tell you more about someone than anything else in their life, which is why you need to know how to take a perfect one. And not just any selfie…but a selfie that can help you beat the intense summer heat.

Since Latinos know how to live it up in every other aspect of our lives, you know we got the selfie DOWN. Especially since you’ll probably be taking some when you enter Wendy’s Frosty Films Sweepstakes! Gotta look good with that Frosty, though! Those selfies will be fuego, just like the temperature outside.

1. Since you’ll be sweating from the summer heat anyway, you should give yourself a little spritz of agua to get that summer glow.

Everybody sweats and it’s PERFECTLY FINE. There ain’t nothing to be ashamed about! So why not stay one step ahead of that summer heat, give yourself a little spritz, and create that glow everyone will totally be jealous of. You’ll be glistening like the goddess that you are. People will totally be like, “OMG she’s not sweating, she’s GLISTENING!”

2. Smile like you have a secret.

It’s all about the mystery, mija. You’ve got to look like you’re hiding something in a selfie. Maybe hiding how hot you are and how desperately you wish you were sticking your head inside of a freezer. A picture is much more interesting if it has a story behind it…especially one with a little drama. This is your chance to be your own telenovela character! So grab that Frosty, lift it up, and pretend it’s your scorned ex-lover.

3. Always take a selfie at a party so everyone knows you have lots of friends.

Nothing is sadder than a lonely selfie. NOTHING. So the next time you’re at a party and everyone is breaking it down on the dance floor, take out your phone and snap a pic of you and all of your friends. If you want to level up, wait until your little cousin’s quinceanera to really turn up. And if you’re too shy and have no friends, don’t worry – a Frosty is a GREAT ice-breaker. Everybody wants to talk to the gal with the Frosty, duh.

4. Imagine your worst enemy will see this picture. Now, take.

I’ve lived a lot of years and it’s inevitable I have gathered a few…enemies, one could say. Sure, they’re just other abuelas who think they’re better than everyone, but still! You need to take a pic and imagine your worst enemies seeing the photo. A selfie is a chance to brag about how much better you look and how much better you’re aging than everyone you’ve ever met. Never forget that. This is grave information.  

5. Take a selfie with your feet in a bowl of ice-cubes…no one will see it anyway 😉

IT’S HOT. LET’S SAY IT AGAIN: IT. IS. HOT. The summer can be BRUTAL, but the beauty of taking a selfie?! Nobody can see below your waist! So it’s 100% okay to just stick those feet into a bowl of ice, take a pic, and nobody will know. You’ll feel like a mad genius, you’ll stay cool, and probably get at LEAST 50 likes on the picture.

6. The bigger the eyes, the better.

Big, buggy eyes are KEY to taking a selfie! Imagine you’ve just seen the most beautiful man. Billowing hair, strong arms, the wind blowing in his face–ahem, sorry. I digress. It’s easy to get ahead of myself. Just…make your eyes big. Very, very big.

7. Be confident in your selfie.

Without confidence, your selfie will be an absolute failure. Much like whenever we try to drive in the same car together. It’ll be a mess and emotions will run high and tears will surely be shed. So hold that head up high, roll your shoulders back, and work it like the queen that you are! Remember: you are as hot as the temperature around you!

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