Latinos On The Internet Are Poking Fun At What It Means To Be A Mature Adult

As you grow older, there are a few things here and there that start to change, and all of a sudden you feel like you’re no longer a little kid — you’re an adult. A grown, mature and wise adult. Well, at least you think you’re an adult.

Check out what these people on Twitter had to say in response to the hashtag #SabesQueMadurasteCuando, which means: “You know you’ve matured when…”

Some may sound silly, but they’re totally relatable.

If there’s one thing that determines how mature you are, it’s the level of involvement your mom has when it comes to your doctor appointments.

If you’re the one that responds when the doctor asks questions, instead of letting your mom respond, then you’re ~pretty~ mature. Now if you schedule your OWN doctor appointments, then it’s official — you are GROWN.

And if you’re responsible enough to go inside the doctor’s office by yourself, then you can handle anything.


…like owning a copy of keys to your own house.

Which is why your parents start to give you more serious responsibilities.

You know, things such as being in charge of holding the rope for the piñata, rather than waiting in line to hit the piñata like all of the younger kids.

And the closer you get to becoming an adult, the more you start to change as a person.


All of a sudden, after the piñata breaks, you no longer have the urge to throw yourself onto the floor to try to get as many candies possible.

Things that used to scare you as a kid, don’t scare you anymore.

You can finally turn the lights off in a room and walk out calmly instead of running out because you’re scared of the dark and think a monster is going to get you.

And things that you used to love, all of a sudden seem silly and a waste of time.

Now you don’t spend your time doodling the name of your crush all over your notebooks.

Truth is, the older you get, the more you realize that you have zero time to waste.

Instead of wasting your time time on boys and trying to find love, you’d rather spend your time hustling and making money.

You also start to realize that your circle of real friends is a lot smaller than it seems.


Which is why you end up deleting over 240 “friends” from your social media accounts.

And as much as you love your small circle of friends, once you’re an adult, you’d much rather sleep than go out to party with them.

And when you’re out at the bar or club, all you can think about is your precious, comfortable, soft bed.

…because going out to party, or even worse, hosting a party, is just too much of a hassle.?

Instead of thinking about how much fun a party will be, you start to think about all of the mess you will have to clean up the day after.

Some of the things that you used to enjoy, start to actually become more of a burden.


Yeah, being absent in elementary school was fun and easy. It’s also fun and easy in college but if you miss one day of class in college, you miss three assignments, a pop quiz and a two-hour lecture of notes.

Overall, becoming an adult is all about growing and learning.

You start to admit when you’re wrong and accept the consequences, rather than blame others for your mistakes.

You learn about things in life that you had never realized before…

Like the fact that Super Mario actually breaks all of the bricks using his fist not his head. I know, mind-blowing.

But most importantly, you learn to let go of things that no longer benefit you.

Such as Pokemon. JK, Pokemon is LIFE. ??

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