Did Lady Gaga Copy Yuri During Her Super Bowl Half-Time Show? Twitter Says Yes

When Lady Gaga made her spectacular sparkly entrance during her Super Bowl LI halftime show, not only did she resemble a superhero in that bedazzled leotard and pointy shoulders — she also reminded people of Mexican superstar Yuri.

Some people legit thought they were watching Yuri on stage.

Between the sparkly stones and pointy shoulders, we can’t really blame them.

But Yuri herself was having a field day with these comparisons.

Yuri jokingly tweeted that her lawyers were looking into that matter, and that there’s always someone out there imitating her. Damn! ? But that’s not where the beef ended.

She even went on to joke about why Lady Gaga didn’t wear the outfit you see below.

Yuri joked that the costume pictured above couldn’t be replicated because she couldn’t afford it. We’re sure Lady Gaga could replicate any costume she wanted, but damn, get it Yuri!

She even responded when fans asked why she didn’t perform instead of Gaga.

Y sigue con lo de no les alcanzó.

But in the end Yuri showed some love to Gaga by sharing this picture. ?

Hmmmm, is she playing us?

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