Newborn Baby’s Name Is The First Of Its Kind For Mexico

When Mexican parents José González de Diego and Alicia Vera Zboralska decided to name their child Bárbara de Diego Zboralska, they did it to honor the mothers in their family. However, their choice of name went against a longstanding Mexican tradition.

In Mexico, babies get their last names from the paternal side of the family. Their first last name comes from the father’s surname, and the second last name comes from the mother’s paternal surname.  Had baby Bárbara received the paternal last names from her parents, she would have been named Bárbara González Vera.

According to NBC, this is the first time in Mexico that parents have actually named their child after the maternal side of the family.


While the name Bárbara de Diego Zboralska might seem like a normal name, the parents, José González de Diego and Alicia Vera Zboralska, needed a court injunction to legally change the name of their child. C’mon Mexico, we have children in the U.S. named “Apple” and “Sage Moonblood.”

Let the parents name their child Bárbara de Diego Zboralska. While it was a struggle to legally name their child, in the end, it was important for her parents to honor the maternal side of their families, NBC reports.

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