9 Super Mexican Things that Aren’t Really Mexican

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Mexico has so many wonderful things to be proud of, except that some of them are actually from somewhere else. R-E-W-I-N-D… Whaaat? Yes, did you know some of your most cherished Mexican things are not Mexican at all? As unbelievable as all this may sound, we fact-checked so prepare to be blown away:

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1. Piñatas


Sure, your ancestors did make them worldwide famous but they actually come from China. Then Marco Polo took them to Italy and from there the Spaniards took them to Mexico where they claimed them as their own.

2. Margaritas


Take a deep breath, Margaritas are not a Mexican cocktail. The first time this cocktail was mentioned was in a book called My New Cocktail Book in 1930 by G. F. Steele. And this sort of makes sense, Mexico has never really been very much into cocktail culture, especially when talking about tequila, which most Mexicans will tell you to drink straight.

3. Horchata


This agua fresca came from Egypt where they had a nut called Chufa. This nut became widely popular when the Moors invaded Spain and the Horchata de Chufa was born. Then, when the Spaniards conquered Mexico, they forgot their Chufa nuts so they had to improvise and they used rice instead, to make the horchata you now love.

4. Rosca de Reyes 


Or its real name: Roscón de Reyes. This cake was originally made in Spain and France to celebrate the Epiphany or Three Kings Day. It is also a tradition in New Orleans to celebrate the end of the Carnival on Mardi Gras. 

5. Ceviche


Another art that Mexico perfected. Yes, Perú might be the birthplace and might still make some amazing ceviches of their own, but the twist of adding chile, cucumber, tostadas and mayonnaise, that’s all Mexican! 

6. Churros


Those delicious treats you fill with cajeta or chocolate are not originally Mexican. The churro was brought by the Portuguese from China and somehow they made their way to every street corner of Mexico.

7. Lotería


How on Earth is this not Mexican if it has the Catrín and you play it using frijoles!?! Well, turns out the original Lotería came from Italy and then it went to Spain and eventually they took it to Mexico where they added a personal touch.

8. Pastor Tacos


It is no coincidence that a pastor trompo looks very similar to the one used in the shawarma spit. The pastor tacos were born when the Arabs migrated to Mexico in the 60’s and introduced this vertical rotisserie style.

9. Luis Miguel 


This will crush your mom and abuela’s heart. El Sol might be the biggest and hottest Mexican symbol of the past 30 years but he’s not Mexican AT ALL. Luismi was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico from a Spanish dad and an Italian mom.

Now you know. So when some smartie pants comes along and tries to impress you with his knowledge you can come back at him saying that yes, Mexicans might not have invented beer but they sure invented Micheladas so, BOOM!

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