These Latino Teens Tell Us Why They’re Attending College

Some years ago, the idea of getting a university degree was only a dream to many young Latinos. But things have changed. Today, more Latinos than ever before are able to pursue their dreams and  they have more opportunities than ever to make this dream a reality no matter their financial situation.

If you also want to go to college and are looking for a way to make it happen, we want you to meet two very inspiring students who applied and received the McDonald’s HACER® National Scholarship. This scholarship is exclusively for Latino students and you could be a recipient.

Meet Andrea Hinojosa and Miles Aceves-Lewis.

Andrea and Miles are from Texas and they are both freshmen at universities in Washington D.C.

Click on the images to listen to Andrea and Miles tell us about their experience in their own words.

Andrea and her sister are the first ones of their family to go to college. For Andrea going to college is an honor but also a challenge because it is all very new. She has a very positive mindset and a very inspiring tone.

This is the first time Miles has been away from his family and although it is a challenge, he has a dream and no one can stop him. Miles also believes that there are many more Latino students out there who should pursue a higher education. This is why he is already helping his community by reaching out to other high school students and helping them with their college applications.

Andrea found out about the scholarship thanks to a counselor in high school. Miles found out about it by doing independent research on scholarships for Latinos. Both decided to apply and now they are studying the career they dreamed of at the University they wanted to attend.

Andrea is studying public health and biology at George Washington University and her dream is to become an epidemiologist. Miles is studying government at Georgetown University and he plans to go to law school and dedicate his career to help people communicate more effectively.

For Miles, knowing that McDonald’s is investing in Latino students is a reminder that we are the future and we will do great things.

For Andrea, McDonald’s has always been there for her and now with their support, she’s on a mission to help those who need it the most.

If you are as inspired as we are with their stories, check out the McDonald’s HACER® National Scholarship and apply by February 4, 2019. You could be one of the 30 students who get it and be one big step closer to making your dreams come true.

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