Headaches, Hangovers and Tummy Aches: These Latino Dishes Will Make You Feel Better

From hangovers to colds, fatigue to headaches, one of the best cures for these ailments is good ol’ fashion food like grandma used to make. These recipes are wrought with the healthy stuff, like vitamins and minerals. They’re also so tasty, you might even have a bite when you’re not feeling under the weather.

Caldo de Res: Common Cold and Diarrhea

Photo Credit: James / Flickr

This warm, brothy soup not only feels like a hug from mom, but it’s also packed with vitaminsA and C from the lime, cabbage and carrots, and protein from the beef. It helps you recover from feverish nights one spoonful at a time. If you happen to suffer from another — less contained — illness that drains your body of liquids, a warm caldo de res will hydrate you back to wellness. Take that chicken soup.

Sopa de Habas: Headache and Fatigue

Photo Credit: MyColumbianRecipes.com

This hearty barley and fava bean soup, rich in iron and B1, increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. It will improve your nervous system and energy levels so you can get moving quickly after your headache goes away.

Menudo (Not to be Confused with the 80s Band): Hangover

Photo Credit: rpavich / flickr

It’s said menudo’s spiciness helps numb the pain, and sweat out all the alcohol from your body after a long night of drinking. It may also be the fact that you’re eating cow stomach for breakfast that shocks your body and mind back to lucidity.

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Nopales and Nopalitos: Diabetes, Cholesterol and Weight

Photo Credit: Ron Dollete / flickr

Don’t get turned off by the thorns and slime. Nopales, low calorie and rich in phytochemicals, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, are a miracle superfood that can aid in reducing body weight and cholesterol and regulating glucose levels. A traditional nopales salad can even help get you a good night’s sleep.

Tinga Poblana: Stomach Ache

Photo Credit: Jennifer Woodard Maderazovia / flickr

Suffering from a stomach ache? Have a tasty tinga poblana. Seriously. This fragrant dish is made with bay leaves that are rich in formic and linoleic acids that can help you feel better while satisfying your palate.

Ceviche: Heart Disease and Sleep

Photo Credit: y6y6y6 / flickr

Happy tummy, healthy heart might not be the exact saying but, in the case of ceviche, it works. This dish that features fish as the main ingredient is full of omega 3s that help reduce the risk of heart disease. And, unlike other foods that send you into a food coma, ceviche has a good dose of vitamin B12 that can turn fat into energy.

Tacos: Depression

Photo Credit: Ari Helminen / flickr

Tacos de carne asada, de pollo, de carnitas, de papa, de camarón, al pastor … you name the taco, chances are, it’ll be mind-blowingly delicious. And who is ever sad eating a taco?! The effects of this treatment may be temporary, though.

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